Please take a look at a couple of changes that have been made to the school Office Referral Form. We’ve added a “Vaping” violation, as well as added “marijuana” under Drugs. These changes were made in an effort to collect better data connected to these two violations. An updated Office Referral Form can be found on the Portal now, and Synergy will be updated on Monday to reflect these changes.


Hot off of the presses from Julianne… Please read and make adjustments in your visitor/volunteer processes, if any are warranted… We are hearing of unfortunate visitor/volunteer management inconsistencies between schools, which is causing great grief for some of our office managers/staff who are trying to enforce the rules with fidelity.
Scott and I really need your help to ensure that this policy is followed with integrity and consistency. Not only do we fall into possible profiling when we do not follow our policies consistency, but we also find ourselves set up for legal issues. ________________________________________________________

At one of our BRYT school visits (that Gary and I participated in) the facilitator took notes (find these below), which I received this week and thought worthy of passing along to you. Please continue having conversations in your building around prioritizing “internalizers” or “externalizers” with the mental health staffing for next year. So you know, “Transitions” is the name of the BRYT classroom at Sherwood School:

One thing that has been really helpful for the first year of the Transitions program has been clarity around the referral process and eligibility criteria. The Transitions team continues to go back to their program plan to refer back to the eligibility criteria as it relates to student referrals to be sure that they are following their agreed-upon criteria. It has also been really helpful to have high-functioning building leadership teams and instructional leadership teams to foster discussion around referral decisions. 
In terms of school buy-in, the Sherwood team found it helpful to let the faculty know about the program at the beginning of the year. Amy also led a PD for the paraprofessional team that involved a lot of Q+A and that they found very helpful. The next steps in program development are to create a staff survey for teachers supporting the program, and potentially host an open house. 
The Sherwood team mentioned that one unexpected challenge has been working with families to get additional supports. There is a great parent story about learning the difference between empowering anxiety and enabling it that you all can read here if interested.  ____________________________________________________

As many/most of you are aware, each year we have a wonderful opportunity to host teachers from China (to teach Chinese in our schools), as well as send some of our BLS teachers to China to teach English. One of the teachers we are hosting, William, is teaching at Bend Sr. High School and is in need of a host family between March and the end of this school year. The host family would get a $200 stipend per month to help with food costs.  BLS can provide a bus ticket for his transportation – the host family does not need to provide William with a car or transport him each day unless it works for them to do so.

If you know of someone – BLS employee or not, please have them get in touch with Louise Markland at [email protected] _____________________________________________________


Our next MAC Survey is Monday, Feb. 24. Work with your FAN advocate to communicate this with your staff.

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