If you have nothing to do on Tuesday night, and can’t stand the thought of being at home, this is the board meeting where we are hoping to have the SIA plan approved. If that happens, then you should receive your staffing plan next Friday.


Thank you all for having your ACRs processed by end of day Friday (3.6.20). As you likely are aware, Synergy will update where students are pointed over the weekend and Brad will be spending time next week to create staffing plans based on your projected student enrollment. _______________________________________________________

Please be sure you are up to date on mini observations. You need to have 4 completed by spring break. I am hearing that some teachers are not having mini observations completed. Be sure to tell teachers after completing the post-conference that you just completed a mini observation and tell them what number it was. You have 72 hours after an observation to complete a post-conference. The handbook still says 24 hours and Jon is working on getting that revised. _________________________________________________________

If you have a reading intervention class (or support offered) at your middle school and would be interested in adding some Read 180 leveled texts to your collection, please let Wendy Reeves know. There are a number of these texts available to receive for the very low price of free. _________________________________________________________

There are a number of golden nuggets that I’ve picked up at the tech conference I’ve been attending this week. I’ll be sharing a few with you in these next couple of weeks that you might find (I hope) meaningful. Because I enjoy a good TED Talk, I was intrigued by this TED-Ed site, that was developed with both teachers and students in mind. If you have a teacher that might enjoy combining video into learning experiences (e.g. watch a 3 min. video that will provide context to an article that students will be reading) or a teacher that might want to provide real-world learning experiences by having students create and share their own TED-Talk, this might a site that you share for further exploration.


Daylight Savings Time “spring forward” is this Sunday, March 8.

Our next Horizontal will be at PBMS on March 16, starting at 3:00. Please have chapter 4 read and be ready to discuss.

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