Check out this opportunity to learn more about STEM at your school. The fine folks at Academy at Sisters (one of our district ALOs) is offering an Informational Session on March 6… and you need to RSVP by today(!) if you are interested in attending. Each of our middle schools may send one person. See the flyer for additional information. ______________________________________________________

 Please send Jody 2-hour blocks of time that you would like interpreters for conferences. (Bend-area spring conferences are April 8 & 9.) Please do your best to spread those times out a bit (day/evening). If everyone requests evening, we will not be able to fill them. Please have this to Jody by Friday, March 13 so that she can share with our coordinator at the ESD who knows all of the interpreters and will do all of the scheduling. _____________________________________________________

I’m sending this along for fun… Whether you are a basketball fan or not, if you have ever attended a small college hoops game between rivals then you’ve experienced the potential of something magical happening. That’s exactly what too place when Grace College and Taylor University met recently. Watch this in full screen mode so you can catch some of the details of this crazy finish. [To set the stage, Grace College – wearing white – has the ball and is down three points with seconds to go…]


The DHS / Law Enforcement Interview  Protocol Checklist form on the portal and on our district website (it coincides with JFG-AR: Student Searches & Questioning) was missing an important step : providing notification to the person interviewing a child about the student’s disabling condition (if any). If you have copies already made, please either get rid of these, or update them to add this missing step.

I’m confident our schools are currently doing this, but our checklist form didn’t include that important (and required by law!) part of the process. Please share this with your front office staff as well! __________________________________________________________

These coming weeks, as you know, are a very busy time – when you are finishing up the current year and have begun planning for next year. In that vein of thought, below is a reminder from Kerry Morton of how we process math acceleration requests from parents or recommendations from teachers. Please read through this carefully and ask me any questions you might have.

Below are the recommendations for by-passing a year of mathematics for grades 6, 7, and 8:

  • If parents or teachers are recommending students by-pass a year of mathematics, students need to meet the minimum scores for EasyCBM and the written portion. Here are the requirements.
  • Do not ask the elementary schools to administer the by-pass assessment.
  • Administer the assessment in August and/or September. To help with student schedules, it is recommended that you assess students in August before school starts. Parents and teachers probably know who would be interested in and capable of by-passing now. The few students who cannot make it to your August testing sessions, provide a time during the first week of school. Here is the link to the paper-pencil assessment.
  • If your school decides to administer EasyCBM to every student in September, please call it a universal screener and administer the paper-pencil assessment to students who have parent and/or teacher recommendations.  
  • Please do not send a message to all families about by-passing a year of mathematics. It causes stress on students and families. Some don’t want this and they don’t want their child taking unnecessary assessments.
  • If students wish to take online math to progress quicker, they must pass with at least a B. This is intended to ensure students are successful in future mathematics. This is a link with some information from Amy Tarnow.

A couple key language shifts regarding this process:

  • EasyCBM a universal screener – we are using it for this purpose because it is easy to administer.
  • This is by-passing, not challenging up. Students are skipping a year of mathematics.
  • The requirements are intended to be rigorous so we can be sure students do not struggle unnecessarily in future mathematics.

I recommend reviewing your data of your students who by-passed a grade level:

  • Did each student achieve at least a B? If not, why?
    • Review the criteria and data used to by-pass that student, should the requirements be higher?
  • How many of your Algebra 1 students are repeating Algebra 1 at High School? How can this be avoided next year? _______________________________________________________

A few of you have been asking me about the current progress of our district’s superintendent search. Here is an update from Lora:

While I am not officially facilitating the logistics of the superintendent search process, Andrea Wilson and I have been helping with some of the scheduling. A few of you have been asking about the process, so I will share what we know.

  • The board has created an interview committee with staff representatives who will participate in both rounds of interviews. The first round of interviews (semi-finalists) is scheduled for Friday, March 20th.
  • For the finalist interviews March 30th and 31st, there will be a series of forums, tours, etc. over the two days. In addition to the public forums the evening of March 30th, there will be presentations and Q & A time especially for administrators and supervisors. As soon as these times are finalized, we will get dates, times, and locations out to everyone on the leadership team. In addition, the host(s) of these activities will be soliciting possible questions in advance, so stay tuned. ______________________________________________________

Some information regarding The Bulletin’s Spelling Bee was recently shared with me and I wanted to pass it along (thanks Skip for sharing!). Please refer to this docuement – or share as you’d like with staff – if interested in learning more. __________________________________________________________

As most of you are aware, I belong to the Sunriver Rotary Club. One of the main missions of Rotary is to serve/give to others in the community. For our Club, this means providing funds to local non-profits, including schools. Once a year we hold a dinner and wine auction as our major fundraiser. If you are interested in attending the dinner (May 8) or would like to purchase tickets for the wine raffle ($10 each, or 5 for $45) let me know. [I promise this will be the only time I ask!] __________________________________________________________


Remember, we do not have a Leadership meeting scheduled for March.

Daylight Savings time is Sunday, March 8.

Our next Horizontal is March 16 @ PBMS. Please read and be ready to discuss chapter 4.

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