Please read (and share as appropriate with your staff) this Equity and Access Considerations page. This is part update, part don’t forget, and part new information. Thank you for continuing to be the voice for those that may not have any other advocate right now. This, and every other pandemic-related document I’ve shared you’ll be able to find in the Covid folder in TRIBE. _______________________________________________________

Please make a note, and share with your staff, that we have a change in our OSS office. Ellen Jones, recently hired to replace Jody McBride, resigned last week and will be pursuing openings in a school (she would be an excellent addition to any school office)! Therefore, principals, please send your monthly Leave Sheet to me, and have all of your translation requests go to Joanne Kienzle until further notice. _________________________________________________________

This is a “please don’t do” rather than a “to do.” Please do NOT conduct any mini observations of a teacher directly teaching as part of your year-end observation roundup with your teachers. You may do a “check-in” with a teacher to inquire how they are doing with planning and instruction, but do not plan on conducting any direct observations of teaching.


We have approximately 300 hot spots arriving soon. As you read in Lora’s message (first To Do item, above), we currently have 84 requests. Please be sure to notify your FAN advocate of any need for hot spots. ___________________________________________________________

Please review this guidance for materials distribution and pick up. This document is shared on behalf of your schools’ nurses and is an excerpt from a longer document produced by the National Association of School Nurses. Consider having EAs (or other available staff) help with the process of not only material distribution, but also summer room prep. There is a note at the bottom of the document from your Safety Team. I think you are all already following very similar protocols – thank you! _______________________________________________________

The Oregon CPS Project is offering a 2-hour Intro to Collaborative Problem Solving webinar on May 5th from 12-2pm Pacific Standard Time. Funding is provided by the Oregon Health Authority; there is no cost to attend. This is a broad overview, and all are welcome! The training will take place via Zoom. Registration is required in order to receive the webinar link. _______________________________________________________

Please let Amy Tarnow know if you have any questions regarding the following: Our teaching and learning team is starting the curriculum ordering process for the 20-21 school year.  Principals, could you please let Amy Tarnow know who your site representative(s) will be?  Just like other years, these reps will gather orders from teachers and put them onto our master spreadsheet.  We need your names before Thursday, April 30th and will be scheduling a Webex with your reps to launch the process for the afternoon of Monday, May 4th. __________________________________________________________

We are asking that schools not produce their own COVID-19 materials… By video, electronic communication, paper, etc. The information around COVID-19 seems to change daily, and we want to utilize our county health partners and OHA, CDC, etc. for any information that is being shared out.  ___________________________________________________________

This came up at the end of our Webex this past Monday, but thought I’d pass along the official word regarding use of school logos that Sharon Smith has provided: The District does not allow use of its school logos or mascots for commercial purposes, absent an agreement. Use by PTOs and school groups for fundraising for school programs may be allowed pursuant to an agreement. The sale of signs for a profit that does not go to the school is not allowed. The use of logos/mascots gives the appearance that this project is undertaken on behalf of the district, which it is not. I caution against creating that impression.  ___________________________________________________________

A local family is looking to donate a 3-manual full pedal Yamaha Electone 415 organ. (I can send you a photo if you are interested.) ___________________________________________________________

You may have already seen this video regarding video conferencing. It is painful, in a funny way, because of the truth that it holds! ___________________________________________________________


MAC Survey is on Tuesday (4/21).

Our Horizontal on Monday will be focused on our updated budget/staffing plans. See you at 2:00!

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