Don’t forget to have your Staffing Plan 2.0 completed by next Friday at the latest. ________________________________________________________

Please make one more update into the Disconnected Student document next Thursday. I’ll share these numbers with Shay and Lora prior to their Friday morning Board Leadership meeting. ________________________________________________________

I’ll admit that sometimes I’m the last to know something, so this may be old news to you by now. Yesterday I stumbled across an article about students at Ridgeview High School rallying around the making of a video in order to show appreciation for their school staff. If you haven’t seen the video, it is definitely worth watching. Here is the video, and here is the article that that provides the background to its creation. What creative kids! _________________________________________________________

As we’ve discussed, this week ODE sent out some guidance for students in grades K-8. This new guidance (Section 6) is part of the larger Distance Learning for All document they’ve published. This would be a good section to review, if you haven’t already. There is a pretty large section on grading (we are staying with P/NG for all of our MS spring marks), Safeguarding Student Opportunity (6C), and Promising Practices (6E). I think pages 83-85 might be a good place to start – as there may be potential language here you’d like to share with your staff. _________________________________________________________

Hot spots have arrived and the first round has been delivered to your schools. Skip provided this resource page for additional information, how to request more, the form needed to be completed by a parent who is borrowing one, and a video (or written instructions) on how to set one up at home. Please take a look at this page and be ready to share this resource for any that may need it. You can also find this resource page within our COVID 19 folder. __________________________________________________________


There is a group of folks who have rallied some local churches around volunteer or donation needs in our BLS schools. This group of churches is wondering about adopting specific schools, purchasing gift cards for teachers who may have needs, or even doing more landscaping projects (with proper social distancing, of course), among other things.  If you have an idea that a group of volunteers could help with please let me know. [Last year this group worked on updating a space at HDMS – and I think it turned out pretty well!] ________________________________________________________

A week or so ago Wendy communicated that she will be willing to share her room clean out schedule with everyone as an example. Well, I think there is not need to start from scratch – this schedule should give you some ideas of how to set up your own! Props to Nole for creating it! ________________________________________________________

Dr. Bruce Perry is a neuroscientist that knows a thing or two about stress and how it plays out in people. During this COVID-19 Pandemic he is providing a number of resources (office hours and videos) free of charge. Some of these topics look great – and may be a resource for you and/or your school community. Thanks to Hayley for passing this along. ___________________________________________________________

Here is some information from Jackie Wilson, our district’s Sustainability Coordinator, regarding ways to save energy and be sustainable during our school shutdown. ________________________________________________________

You did some thinking and sharing regarding one of the following topics this week. All of these can be referred to with the link, or found in the Covid-19 folder in TRIBE: NJHS, 8th Grade Celebration, and Disconnected Students. __________________________________________________________

One of my favorite comedians is Jim Gaffigan. (Anyone else read his book: Dad is Fat) His stand-up is funny, and his book I found simply hilarious (I was literally crying/laughing out loud at times – which Christie openly pointed out to me). This clip isn’t so much funny as it is a purely honest look from a parent during this time of remote learning. _________________________________________________________


We will not meet on Monday, but will next Thursday, April 30, as a MS Horizontal. Go to my Personal Room and I’ll meet you there! For this meeting, please be ready to share any Netflix (or other) shows you’ve been watching/catching up on. (I’ve got a great suggestion for y’all!)

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