Please review some updated language in our district’s Choice Option AR. As an FYI, there will likely be similar language added to our AR connected to ACRs. Because this is a change in policy specific to this pandemic, it is important you know about this. Also, this change is in effect for semester 1 only – and will be reviewed prior to semester 2 for consideration of continuance. ___________________________________________________________

If you haven’t yet, please follow/do the following steps that Paul sent to you this past Monday. (I have updated the link to the most recent Ready Schools, Safe Learner guide, and Operational Blueprint.)

We are asking you to:

  • Watch the introductory video
  • Conduct a deep read of the July 22nd 29th revised  Ready Schools, Safe Learner guidelines.  For the purposes of this task, we will be concentrating on pages 1 – 39.
  • Watch the other videos (each ~ 5 min in length) to supplement your understanding
  • If you have questions about either the RS/SL guidelines or the BLS Blueprint, you are invited to attend one of the following Webex meetings:
    • Friday, July 31st at 12:30 pm
    • Monday, August 3rd at 12:30 pm
  • When you are confident in your understanding of the RS/SL guidelines, open this Blueprint template, make a copy of it and complete the information on the cover page information.
  • Email your school’s Blueprint to [email protected] by August 5th.


I’m sure you are all aware of the newly released “metric” requirements for schools to open doors for student instruction. Here is the county webpage where you will be able to track and see where we are (here locally) with meeting these metrics. As a reminder, in order to even consider opening our doors to kids (grades 4 – 12), we need to have – for three consecutive weeks: a) 10 or fewer cases per 100,000 people over 7 days, b) test positivity of 5% or less over 7 days, and c) statewide test positivity of 5% or less over a 7 day period. ___________________________________________________________

As you know, guidance around the reopening of schools has taken some sharp turns these past few weeks. My guess is, we are not finished with this ride yet – there are other changes that will come our way still. And yet, we are getting closer to some answers that are needed. Metric criteria helps. We must be (please, oh please) closer to the legislators meeting and making some decisions on the state budget – but we are planning on hiring at 2.0 staffing levels. We now have a definition of what constitutes a cohort. Lora has made a commitment to sending out weekly communication – keeping everyone in the loop on decisions being made with the most current information available. Next week’s communication from Lora will certainly have some important and new information that will help you plan for fall. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding any information that comes your way (from local or state sources). ___________________________________________________________


You got this. Challenge, check. Uncertainty, yep. Low resources, yep. Unknowns that you don’t even know are unknowns yet – you bet. I trust that every one of you is equipped and ready for the challenges we face in the coming weeks and months. You are the right people to be leading this work. It is going to feel a lot like this at times. You got this! I believe in you.

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