Principals, I need your Leave Sheet no later than Monday (6/15) morning – as I need to sign and turn in to the business office by noon that day. Include any leave you plan to take through the end of June on this sheet. ___________________________________________________________

Here is the most up-to-date 2020-21 work calendar for certified staff. This will be a good one to keep handy as questions arise and you make plans for the fall. ___________________________________________________________


I’m sure you have all taken a peek at the Ready Schools, Safe Learners document from ODE released on Wednesday of this week. This is what the state is calling its guidance around the opening of school in the fall. I’ve read the document and have created some CLIFF Notes for myself, with what I believe to be some of the highlights or reminders of where I can find information quickly that I may need to refer back to later. Remember, the state has committed to providing multiple updates on this document throughout the summer, so this is not the final draft. ________________________________________________________

The article Helping Students Discuss Race Openly in Education Leadership (ASCD) outlines several steps teachers can follow to ensure “safe classroom environments” where powerful discussions regarding race, class, priviledge, and inequities can emerge. Although it is a few years old, the suggestions for teachers on how to connect these types of discussions into the teaching of standards – no matter the content area – definitely still fit in today’s world. ___________________________________________________________

This article not only spells out experiences I’m sure our teachers and students felt this spring, but also provides some ideas to get better at (or avoid altogether) it not happening again. 5 traps that will kill online learning (and strategies to avoid them) is a practical set of reminders of what teaching should be – and should not be. This might be one to read now, then reread, if needed, in the fall as we think about what online teaching/learning should be. ___________________________________________________________

Ed Week just published this article regarding how a school may look next year (a district team is working on a plan specific for us now – and will share updates with you as these become clearer). I thought it provides some ideas, although generic, that may fit within what we need to accomplish in the fall. The Socially Distanced School Day __________________________________________________________

This is a reminder of sorts from Jon L. regarding Level Review Assessors (a follow-up from an email he sent out on Tuesday this week).  The only difference this year is that principals will need to do the recommendation form in Applitrack.  This eventually will be easier when the principals get the hang of it.  The applicants will not be able to see what is on the recommendation.   ___________________________________________________________

If you are looking for a good read over the summer (or would like to recommend one to someone you know – no matter what age), then check out this list that our district librarian has compiled.


Please, oh please, don’t work all summer! Take a break. Walk in the woods. Read a book. Play Chutes & Ladders (or chess) with your kids. Go listen to live music. Wash your hands. (A lot.)

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