January 24, 2020

To Do:

As you may recall, we asked our students to complete a short Resilience Survey a number of months ago. Sean had spoken about this more in-depth earlier this fall at a Leadership meeting. The window for the second round of this short student survey will be from Feb. 24 – March 20, 2020. You’ll hear more about this in the next month.


At our meeting this week, Misty shared these TWO DOCUMENTS with us that are helpful in the STATS process: the Threat Response Form (TRF) and the Guidelines for Administrators form. If after an investigation, the team determines a Level 1 Threat Assessment is not needed, please complete the TRF for your records. In addition, document the process in Synergy under incidents.

Here is an Important Message from Sean about the importance of an inclusive stance in serving our special education students. When we default to including students in our general education classrooms, we see increases in connection and achievement.

Here is an important reminder from Debbie about breaks for classified staff: I have received a few calls this week regarding breaks and lunches for classified staff, which made me realize it is a great time to send a reminder on our contract language regarding breaks for staff.  (Article 16.5)

  • If an employee is scheduled for four (4) hours but less than six (6) hours, the employee must be scheduled for one fifteen (15) minute paid break.
  • Employees scheduled for six (6) hours get a fifteen (15) minute paid break and a minimum of a thirty (30) minute unpaid meal period.
  • Employees scheduled for more than six (6) hours shall receive two (2) fifteen (15) minute paid breaks and a minimum of one (1) thirty (30) minute unpaid meal period.

Also, please know you cannot regularly schedule lunches or breaks at the start or end of the employee’s work hours, or combine break and lunch periods to provide for early release or longer lunch breaks.  This would be considered a violation of our contract and Oregon law.  You do, however, have the flexibility to modify an employee’s daily schedule for an extenuating circumstance.  If you have any questions about employee work schedules and ensuring you are providing the appropriate paid and unpaid breaks, please call our office. 

Tami Pike asked me to share with you this protocol to follow as challenging situations arise in your building.

A few readings and reflections I want to share with you…

Our role in deescalating potentially volatile situations: In our work, we are often put in stressful situations in which we feel compelled to react quickly. Sometimes, when we don’t allow ourselves time to thoughtfully consider the perspectives of others and the possible ramifications of our reactions, we create more angst and actually escalate a situation, creating more work and frustration for ourselves and those around us. As leaders, our goal is to model for others how to constructively respond to challenges. We do this by pausing and remaining mindful so we can make reflective decisions that deescalate and support others include staff, students and parents. Also, asking for help by consulting with others and taking time to think through responses with your team, can help you to make a more informed decision. Sometimes just taking the time to listen and NOT responding can be what people need to develop their own solution to a problem or concern. This article by Melissa Eisler, Respond vs React: How to Keep Your Cool in Times of Stress highlights the importance of keeping our cool so we can create a calm environment for others, including ourselves.

Integrating SEL: As we continue to move toward fully integrating Social Emotional Learning into our work in schools and classrooms, developing these important skills will become as integral to our school design as curriculum and instruction. This paper speaks to how explicitly teaching these “Future Ready” skills positively impacts students in many ways: SEL is the Key to Success.

Leadership Team Meeting – February 3, @ The Ed Center, 3:15

HS Principal Meeting – Friday, February [email protected] 7:00 am, Jackson’s Corner

HS Admin Meeting – February 18 (Tuesday), BSHS @ 7:00 am (this replaces the February 24 meeting) Be ready to discuss The Culture Code Chapters 10-12.

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