January 31 2020


It’s hard to believe we are at the halfway point in the school year! Just a reminder that Feb 19, March 4, April 1, May 6 and June 11 are the member-directed individual work dates during SIW. There are two more District SIW dates: Feb 12 and March 11.

The window for completing the upcoming Resiliency survey is Feb. 24 – April 3. This survey is related to the Culture of Care work we are doing regionally. Next week you’ll receive an email asking you to sign-up for your school to administer this survey, as well as a parent letter to communicate prior to your administration.

February is Black History Month – and a great opportunity for you/your staff to shine a light on a group of people who are often not discussed (outside of slavery) in terms of what they have contributed to US history. Here are some resources for you and your staff to generate ideas (or simply take and use) over the course of the next four weeks (and beyond).

Our STC team recently reviewed this article. I thought you might find it interesting. There is more than one pathway to success!

Dave shared this article about GPA being a stronger predictor of college success than standardized tests. Turns out – the higher the GPA, the greater the probability the student will graduate from college!


Feb 3, 3:15 Leadership meeting – Part of the agenda includes an overview of our focus for our SIA dollars. I am unable to attend that Leadership meeting as Gary, Jim, Sean and I will be at a training Monday-Wednesday. I will be checking email in the evening.

Feb 7, 7:00 am HS Principals – Ed Center room 312

Feb 14, 7:00 am HS Principals – Jackson’s Corner (eastside)

Feb 18 (Tuesday), 7:00 am HS Administrators – BSHS

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