March 6, 2020

To Do:

ACR Processing: Thank you to you and your office staff for helping us to have the ACRs processed by the end of the day today. Synergy will update where students are pointed and Brad will be spending time next week to create staffing plans based on your projected student enrollment. If the Board approves the SIA plan at the Board Meeting on Tuesday night, staffing plans will go out on Friday, March 13.



PURSUIT 2.0 was a success! Thank you to you and your staff for your efforts in getting our sophomores to this awesome event at the Riverhouse. Christina at the Bus Garage and Garra with Nutrition Services were amazing partners in helping to make this event happen. Also, huge kudos to Cyndi Desoto, the parent/community member/event coordinator! She has a passion for helping our kids to develop the mindsets for success!

Over 2000 students attended from BLPS and Redmond districts! One thousand surveys were completed by students with an average ranking of 93% saying they thought the conferences should be part of every sophomore experience and 88% saying they would do more workshops with PURSUIT. We will move the event to the fall of the sophomore year beginning with the NOV 16, 2020 PURSUIT show. Mark your calendars! The event will be held at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds and we will again invite all of the sophomores in Central Oregon. We plan to run one show and then include a career fair with workshops and breakouts.


Evaluation Process check-in: Please be sure you are up to date on mini observations, formal observations, and SLGG goals. You need to have four minis and the initial and mid-year SLGG data reviews and discussions completed by spring break. I am hearing that some teachers are not getting mini observations completed. After completing the debrief conversation on a mini, be sure that you and the teacher both agree that it satisfies a mini and how many minis have been completed for the year. You have 72 hours after an observation to complete a post-mini debrief. The handbook still says 24 hours and Jon is working on getting that revised. _________________________________________________________

Interested in Read 180 Texts? If you have a reading intervention class (or support offered) at your high school and would be interested in adding some Read 180 leveled texts to your collection, please let Wendy Reeves know. There are a number of these texts available to receive for the very low price of free.


March 8 – Daylight Savings time begins.

March 13 – 7:00 am HS Administrators Meeting at MVHS Library – Be Ready to Share DRAFT of your Building MTSS plan. Be sure to include the Academic, SEL and Behavior Tier I, II and III interventions. Here is the MTSS DRAFT that our district team (Dean, Kay-Ann, Jenn and KT) developed – as an example.

March 13 – Staffing allocations sent to principals

Week of March 16 – Staffing Plans approved by Legace, postings sent to HR

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