February 28, 2020


Here is the latest UPDATE on the superintendent search process.

The DHS / Law Enforcement Interview  Protocol Checklist form on the portal and on our district website (it coincides with JFG-AR: Student Searches & Questioning) was missing an important step: providing notification to the person interviewing a child about the student’s disabling condition (if any). If you have copies already made, please either get rid of these or update them to add this missing step.

I’m confident our schools are currently doing this, but our checklist form didn’t include that important (and required by law!) part of the process. Please share this with your front office staff as well!


Remember, we do not have a Leadership meeting scheduled for March.

Next week is Classified Staff Appreciation Week!

March 2 – ACR Submission Deadline

March 37:30 @ BSHS – BSHS, MVHS and SHS Principals process ACR’s for 20-21.

March 6 – HS Administrators Meeting CANCELLED – MOVED TO MARCH 13

March 8 – Daylight Savings time begins.

March 13 – HS Administrators Meeting – Be Ready to Share DRAFT of your Building MTSS plan. Be sure to include the Academic, SEL and Behavior Tier I, II and III interventions. Here is the MTSS DRAFT that our district team (Dean, Kay-Ann, Jenn and KT) developed – as an example.

March 13 – Staffing allocations sent to principals

Week of March 16 – Staffing Plans approved by Legace, postings sent to HR

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