April 17, 2020

To Do:

Here is an important message from Amy Tarnow about curriculum ordering: “Our teaching and learning team is starting the curriculum ordering process for the 20-21 school year. Principals, could you please let Amy Tarnow know who your site representative(s) will be? Just like other years, these reps will gather orders from teachers and put them onto our master spreadsheet. We need your names before Thursday, April 30th and will be scheduling a WebEx with your reps to launch the process for the afternoon of Monday, May 4th.”


Our Spring MAC Survey will happen next Tuesday, April 21.  Yes, we will be doing a survey.  Please look for additional information from your Advocate next Monday.  Also, please consider putting something in your staff updates this week to help staff be ready to take the survey.  MAC surveys help to generate over 50% of the funding that supports FAN.  Now, more than ever, we can all see and appreciate the work that these staff members provide for our students and families.  Thank you for all you are doing to support kids!


Hot Spots- We have approximately 300 hot spots arriving soon. We currently have 84 requests. Please be sure to notify your FAN advocate of any need for hot spots.


This is a “please don’t do” rather than a “to do.” Please do NOT conduct any mini observations of a teacher directly teaching as part of your year-end observation roundup with your teachers. You may do a “check-in” with a teacher to inquire how they are doing with planning and instruction, but do not plan on conducting any direct observations of teaching.


Information…. a lot!

Please make a note, and share with your staff, that we have a change in our OSS office. Ellen Jones recently hired to replace Jody McBride, resigned last week and will be pursuing openings in a school (she would be an excellent addition to any school office)! Therefore, principals, please send your monthly Leave Sheet to me, and have all of your translation requests go to Joanne Kienzle until further notice.


Leave the COVID expertise to OHA and the CDC! We love all of the work that our schools are doing to engage our students. One thing that we are specifically asking, is that schools not produce their own COVID-19 materials… By video, electronic communication, paper, etc. The information around COVID-19 seems to change daily, and we want to utilize our county health partners and OHA, CDC, etc. for any information that is being shared out.  Thank you for ensuring our messaging is aligned with staff!


guidance for materials distribution and pick up. This document is shared on behalf of your schools’ nurses and is an excerpt from a longer document produced by the National Association of School Nurses. There is a note at the bottom of the document from your Safety Team. I think you are all already following very similar protocols – thank you!


Here is the official word regarding the use of school logos that Sharon Smith has provided: “The District does not allow the use of its school logos or mascots for commercial purposes, absent an agreement. Use by Booster Clubs and school groups for fundraising for school programs may be allowed pursuant to an agreement. The sale of signs for a profit that does not go to the school is not allowed. The use of logos/mascots gives the appearance that this project is undertaken on behalf of the district, which it is not. I caution against creating that impression.”


Here are some important notes from Lora regarding Equity and Access Considerations during Distance Learning.


OSAC is allowing students who would have otherwise raised their cumulative, unweighted GPA to 2.50 or higher to be considered for Oregon Promise as a result of school district actions relative to local or state emergency orders. 

The GPA requirement is still a cumulative, unweighted, 2.50 GPA. However, there will be flexibility provided for students who would have mathematically had the opportunity to raise their GPA to the 2.50 limit if letter grades were assigned for their final high school term.

High school registrars will use the GPA verification system and include the students where it would have been mathematically possible to raise their GPA to the 2.50 limit as MET.

If a high school does not participate in GPA verification, the high school will need to include a cover letter when providing students with their final high school transcript to submit to OSAC. The cover letter must indicate that it would have been mathematically possible for the student to raise their GPA to the 2.50 limit if they earned letter grades for their final high school term.

For students where it would not have been possible to raise their cumulative, unweighted GPA to the 2.50 limit at the end of their senior year, those students need to continue to be verified as NOT MET.

The deadlines have not changed. Please encourage all interested students to apply for Oregon Promise by the appropriate deadline, and submit the 2020-21 FAFSA or ORSAA. Updated information is posted on our website.


With the closure of schools, Walt and his crew are in the position of getting schools in good shape for when students and staff are able to come back to the buildings. Here is a NOTE from Walt, who needs your help to get classrooms cleaned out and ready for painting: All my Custodians are excited to have an opening that they could jump into classrooms and do some major renovations and cleaning. One good thing about COVID-19, it has provided us with an opportunity to get our school back in good shape for the coming year. Dan Dummitt (maintenance) has provided paint, cove base, ceiling tiles, etc. and okayed most Custodians to start painting classrooms. We just need things off the walls. I was hoping for some help from you or at least a timeline so that I can better plan for this unique opportunity. Please work with your Head Engineer and Walt to develop a plan for your school. Thank you!


Here is some guidance on some common questions related to seniors:

What about seniors who want to graduate EARLY?  The guidance provided by the state pertains to students who were first enrolled in 9th grade in the 2016-17 school year or earlier.  It DOES not apply to students who first enrolled in 9th grade in 2017-18 or later UNLESS they have an early graduation plan approved before the Executive Order (EO-20-08) was issued on March 17, 2020.


Seniors using the GED to earn Credits: Students currently receive 3 ELA, 2 Math, 2 Soc Stud, and 2 Sci. Normally we only give credit for passing ALL of the GED tests.  For seniors during this COVID 19 scenario only, we will grant credit in individual content areas (if the student passes that portion of the GED) even if the student did not pass all of the exams.  We will go back to our original practice of only assigning credits if a student passes all of the GED tests when we get back to brick and mortar school.

Additionally, because the GED test is not currently being offered, seniors who earn a score of 145 on the GED pretest will earn a Pass and credit for that content area. Again, this is a result of our current COVID-19 situation and only applies during this spring term.


Regarding online courses seniors enroll in from now on: seniors must complete 40% of the coursework with a grade of 60% or higher to earn a P. Here is additional guidance from BLPO from Amy related to ONLINE courses.


We are working through the steps outlined by ODE to determine the graduation status of our seniors. HERE is the document we shared with HS counselors regarding those steps. This document highlights who is responsible for which steps in the process, important dates and our communication plans related to notifying seniors of their graduation status. Austin and his team plan to screen steps 1-3 and will share a list of seniors with schools next Tuesday. Schools will work with special ed, ELL, STC, colleges and 504 coordinators to ensure transcripts are complete, then communicate (along with other school team members) status and plans of seniors with EVERY senior at their school. Schools can elect to send out a written confirmation of graduation status to seniors.


Here is an UPDATE from Jenni Newby at COCC sent to your College Now teachers Here is a copy of the DROP FORM for College Now.


  • Thank you to Hicks and Jenni Newby for this update on dual-credit Courses:
    • We are coordinating with our Community College partners to continue dual credit courses and allow high school students to earn college credit.  12th-grade students will receive a pass (P) or an incomplete (I) on their high school transcript for dual-credit courses. All students (grades 9-12) will receive a letter grade on their college transcript that will be assigned by their high school teacher.
    • Please communicate directly with your students and parents in regard to remote learning that will impact a student’s college grade and transcript.
    • COCC is determining a process to extend its “drop without penalty” date and potentially offer refunds to students.


Your government teachers are probably already reminding our seniors about the importance of registering to vote. With the registration deadline of April 28 coming up quickly, I encourage you to send a note to seniors about the importance of being an engaged citizen. Here is some information you are OK to send:

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States

Registering to vote in Oregon is quick and simple. If you are 18 you can register:

​​The deadline to register is 21 days before Election Day.

Apr. 28, 2020Voter registration deadline
Apr. 29, 2020First day ballots are mailed
May 19, 2020Election Day

To register to vote in Oregon, you must be a U.S. citizen, an Oregon resident and at least 16 years old. Online registration requires a current Oregon driver’s license or state ID card.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Monday, April 20 @ 12:00 HS Administrator WebEx – the focus will be on HR, Budget and Staffing

Thursday, April 23 @ 9:00 HS Graduation Planning meeting

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