October 22, 2021

To Do:

Please complete your HSS Building AND School Improvement Funds (SIF) budgets by November 5. If you have questions about this, reach out to April or me.


School Design Drafts Review: On Tuesday, October 26 8:00-9:30, we will meet in room 314 at the Ed Center to share DRAFTS of School Design plans. Lora and Dave will lead us through a critical friends protocol. Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided.


A note from Scott McDonald: Teachers MUST update Synergy! Now that teachers are more comfortable with Canvas, it has become evident in IT that several middle school and high school teachers are not using or actively transferring grades into Synergy. Please help us by restating that Synergy is our official grade reporting tool and that grades should be updated regularly.   Additionally, please encourage families to use ParentVue as their primary source for student progress.  ParentVue shows our families “HOW” their student is doing, Canvas shows them “WHAT” their student is doing (stolen from Roger White).  Instructions for how families can join both tools are linked here. The following comparison illustrates why it is critical that our synergy grade book is properly maintained.  


Synergy is our student information system, storing our permanent record information for our students and parents.  It is the digital hub for all data related to students Grading (report cards), State Reporting, Scheduling, Courses, Communication, Transcripts, Online Enrollment, Immunizations, Attendance, Discipline, IEP’s, etc.  Supporting data in Synergy is transferred on a daily basis to 100’s of learning applications, data analysis tools (DART), Transportation,  School Messenger communications,  LMS systems (Canvas), and many more.


Canvas is our Learning Management System (LMS), which stores all the assignments, learning content, assessments, and details of what each student is learning.  Some supporting data is transferred daily to Synergy for assignments and grading.


A note from Julianne: In this week’s meeting with the Bend-La Pine Schools’ Health Consultants Team, they shared that they are seeing a dramatic rise in eating disorders. Please be aware and pass this on to your counselors. Don’t be afraid to ask boys and girls questions: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/lets-talk-about-eating-disorders. Look at behaviors and self-talk, not size. Ask students to see their pediatrician and talk to their doctor. Learn more here: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/eating-disorders


Classified Team members supervising classes: In last week’s BLOG I mentioned that there may be situations in which a classified staff member is used to supervise a class.  When this happens there are important things to remember:

  • They are supervising the class, not teaching the class.
  • They should be introduced to the class by an administrator or licensed staff member as the someone who will be supervising the class. “Students, Mrs. Smith will be supervising you today while your teacher is gone.  If you need assistance from her as you work on your assignments, please ask her.”
  • An administrator or licensed staff member should check in with the classified staff member periodically during their supervision time.
  • The classified staff member should not be asked to plan lessons or develop curriculum.


Reminder from Julianne: Media in your buildings must be pre-approved! Be sure to consult with Julianne and Alandra before you allow media in your building, whether you are requesting them or not. If media show up unannounced, please contact Alandra and Julianne before answering questions – remember that everything you say is “on the record.” with them.


A message from our Distinguished Administrator of the Year – Tami Pike: BLS Message no longer sends automated exposure notification phone calls to families. If schools would like a phone message to go out to their families alerting them to check their emails, the schools can use their automated phone message system. HERE are a couple of sample scripts that could be used. This is not a requirement for schools. Some may choose not to use this method of communication.


From Jennifer Hauth – Cultures Aren’t Costumes Checklist for Halloween.  Maybe something to share with staff, students and families.  EnglishSpanish


Oregon Promise Question: This question came to me and I thought others may be interested in the response: If a student receives an Extended Diploma, can they be eligible for Oregon Promise?

No. Based on the published Executive Memorandum in 2014, students who receive an Extended High School Diploma are not eligible for Title IV Financial Aid, which includes the Oregon Promise Grant


LUNA: You have funding available to run LUNA in your buildings. I have budgeted HSS money that you can use to pay for teachers to tutor students after school in your buildings. Each school is allocated 12 hours per week to time sheet teachers. Reach out if you have questions.


Secondary BLOG from Dean: This week’s blog was written by our Science and Math TOSAs, Colleen Behrens and Linda Adams.  The topic they are tackling:  interdisciplinary connections and how we can attend to them as teachers.  There is always so much to do, but we know that student buy-in increases when they see the ways they’ll use the skills we’re teaching.  We also know that, when considering the disciplines of science and math, there is so much overlap.  

Colleen and Linda have put together a helpful catalog of ideas and resources to assist you. Here it is: The Math and Science Connection: Good for Students, Good for Teachers


From Human Resources –  We are excited to announce that you can now check your Record of Credit through Employee Online.  Record of Credit has been added to the Personal Information tab – see screen print below.  We have entered all credits we have received up through today so this information is up to date.  We respectfully ask that when you send in new credits moving forward, you allow us a couple weeks to get them entered before following up to see if we have received them. Let us know if you have any questions. 



HERE is the calendar for meetings for the year: You will notice we will be in schools on Thursday afternoons for learning walks. Lora and Dean, as well as our secondary TOSA’s may be joining us on those days. The goal is to get into schools/classrooms most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Here is a sample Learning Walk schedule you can use as a guide to plan that visit.

SIW schedule

October 26 – HS Admin School Design DRAFT Review – 8:00-9:30 @Ed Center, Room 314

October 28 Learning Walk – Math and Science 12:45-2:00 @ Caldera HS

October 31 – Civil Rights Training completed with staff and recorded here

October 31Standard Response Protocol videos viewed by staff and students.

Reminder: complete your work calendars.  If you need assistance please contact April Jorgenson.

Mark your calendars for June 20 and 21, 2022 for our Leadership Training Academy.

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