January 14, 2022


From our HS LA TOSA, Michele Clements: Your Language Arts departments are starting to think about this year’s implementation of the Common District Assessments.  In an attempt to be sure everyone is working from a common understanding of procedural expectations and freedoms, below is a condensed version of an email LA teachers received this weeks.  If your teachers come to you with questions or concerns, we wanted you to have the same information.

What is expected:

  1. #1 goal: to make this a learning opportunity for students.  Teach them the skills and access the content in such a way that will help them further develop their skills in crafting academic essays.  For some teachers, this may mean spending more time with sources and skill development; some teachers may spend less – both are fine.
  2. Students should study 85% of the sources provided.  This means teachers should feel free exclude 1 or 2 provided sources of their choosing. Teachers can add in resources of their own choosing.  Note: Furthermore, this does not mean students must use all 85% of the sources in their essays.  The essays are multi-source essays, but there is not a minimum requirement of how many sources they must use.
  3. Invest (a minimum of) three weeks – two weeks with sources, discussion, annotation, evidence preparation, etc; one week developing a strong final product.

What is not expected:

  1. Teachers do not need to teach the CDA exactly as written. The development teams have tried, to the best of their ability, to provide a variety of sources from a variety of mediums, as well as support lessons for studying the sources AND writing the essays.  Teachers do not need to use these pieces beyond what will help them accomplish their first goal of furthering the development of the student’s composition skills.  A full teaching unit is present if they wish to use it.

If you are your teachers have questions, please reach out to me.  Thanks, Michele Clements

From your TLC team: In an effort to take things off the plate of teachers, the new hire disciplinary literacy training has been suspended for the rest of the year.


From Tami Pike – All staff should be advised to contact their supervisor for any COVID related questions/concerns outside of school hours. It is important for nurses and contact tracers to have personal time during non-school hours. When supervisors/administrators are contacted by school staff, administrators should refer to the Staff COVID-19 Response and Recovery Newsletter to help answer questions. After reviewing the Staff COVID-19 Response and Recovery Newsletter,  if principals/administrators still have questions and it is an urgent matter,  please reach out to nurse Michelle Spetic AND Tami Pike via email.  

At this time, 1/10/22: If a fully vaccinated staff person is exposed to a positive case and they currently have no symptoms, they can work on site. (Fully vaccinated – received 2nd dose of 2 dose vaccine series less than 6 months ago or has received the COVID-19 booster.) Tami highly encourages fully vaccinated, exposed individuals to test on day 5 and work remotely (if possible). 


Return after 5 day – Read the email from Julianne again that discusses the ability for staff to come back on Day 6 of a quarantine. Pay particular attention to the type of mask to be worn and lunch protocols.  No need to take temperature on those that return.


From Paul in Human Resources: Administrators and Supervisors: I’ve been hesitating to send this email ever since we returned from break knowing the strain you are under maintaining staffing levels during the Omicron variant.  My apologies for finally having to hit ‘send’ on it.
By the end of the month, you’ll be receiving information from HR identifying the classified employees who need to be evaluated this year.  As a reminder, we rotate staff so that they are only required to be evaluated every other year (after their first year probationary period).  Temporary employees are not required to be evaluated.  
Before we transition to next year, we need your assistance in cleaning up last year’s evaluations.  Here is a list of employees whom we did not receive a summative evaluation from their supervisory.  We imagine that in the craziness of the end-of-year tasks, the evaluation were completed but that the paperwork was not shared with HR.
The Ask

  1. Please review the spreadsheet for your site
  2. Upload paperwork for last year’s evals that HR doesn’t have a copy of by following this video for instructions on how to do that into Frontline
  3. Use the Orange notes section to communicate the status of an employee’s eval 


From Human Resources: Feel free to forward this email to anyone who is encountering difficulties in receiving weekly OHA COVID test kits.  It contains a phone number and email address:

Thank you for your interest in participating in weekly Covid testing for School Teachers and Staff. We understand how important it is to maintain a safe environment within Oregon schools, and we’re honored to be able to help with this process.
In order to begin, please fill out our form located here: Opt-In FormWe will use the information provided to ship test kits weekly to your home or other address.
If you ever wish to opt-out of this free service, please use the following link: Opt-Out Form
We pride ourselves on a quick and easy testing process. This is made possible by using LabDash, our online portal, that enables digital collection and direct access to your results as soon as they are available.
In order to get started:Visit LabDash.net and select ‘Patient’Fill out the form with your information then select ‘Submit’Once you verify your email, you will be ready to collect your sample as soon as your testing kit arrives
LabDash saves your information for you, meaning you only have to enter it once. After you register, you can use the same profile every week you receive a kit. As soon as results are uploaded, you can access them from your account, under the ‘Samples’ section.
If you have any questions, please call 541-368-3050 or email us at [email protected].
WVT Laboratory541.368.3050wvtlab.com



HERE is the calendar for meetings for the year

Here is a sample Learning Walk schedule you can use as a guide to plan that visit.

SIW schedule

Canvas/Synergy Clean up and Synch: Ongoing until Feb 2!

YouthTruth Survey: Ongoing until January 28!

January 20 – LW at REALMS HS – Cancelled

January 25 – HS Admin work session @[email protected] MHS

February 1 – HS Admin BRYT leads – work session with BRYT – Ed Center

February 5 – SLGG’s and your Self Reflection due (moved both back to account for the Canvas/Synergy clean up).

Reminder: complete your work calendars.  If you need assistance please contact April Jorgenson.

Mark your calendars for June 20 and 21, 2022 for our Leadership Training Academy.

It may be “too soon” for this to be humorous, but I thought I would share this…

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