January 7, 2022

To Do:

Please share this schedule with your teachers: January 12, next Wednesday, is the Educator Network Day in which teachers meet with content alike teams.  Here is the schedule which has been created by the teachers (District ICCLs) leading each team. Admin will not be assigned to Educator Network Teams this time. 


Continue to ensure every teacher has completed Canvas and Synergy set up so their grades are accurate!


Follow YouthTruth implementation steps we reviewed at our meeting Tuesday.


From Kinsey: Regarding our dates for upcoming forecasting, ACR, and orientation events:
Please ensure that you have interpreters secured in advance for all family events.  Since we already know these dates, you can submit your requests now (Linguist Link here).  
Ensure all invitations and flyers regarding your family events have been translated prior to sending out.

Also, for the translation of the Curriculum Guides: 
As those are large documents, aim to have your translation request submitted no later than Feb 21, in order to receive it back by the March 14th deadline to share them.  
If yours has been translated previously, highlight the portions you are updating this year on the English version, and submit both that version and the old Spanish version in your request.  That way, the translator isn’t starting over from scratch with the entire document.
Highly recommended: forward this to your office manager or other designee, to help you submit these requests!


Thank you for reading the winter edition of the Language, Culture, Identity newsletter.  This newsletter is shared with administrators, ELL staff, and LEAD cohort members.  Feel free to share with your staff/team, and if you have questions, concerns, or ideas regarding the content, reach out to Kinsey.


From your TLC and DEI Colleagues: For yourself and/or your staff, here are great local opportunities for learning and connection:

  • Our state is offering an amazing opportunity for racially/linguistically/ethnically-diverse educators to participate in a racial justice institute fellowship.  Details here.  Applications are due very soon, so act quickly (and share with teachers/colleagues asap)!  
  • The Father’s Group (a local collective sponsored by our regional partner Better Together through the ESD) has a wonderful film event in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Details here.   
  • COCC and partners are hosting book groups in advance of their Season of Nonviolence indigenous author event.  Groups and event details here.  

Now might not feel like a natural time to engage in deep personal learning, as we grow tired of reacting to Covid.  If an opportunity to learn and reflect in community would fill your bucket, rather than deplete it, these might be for you.   If that’s not for you at the moment, you may know a teacher or student who would like to take advantage.  


From Lora: I know you’re all aware of the tremendous pressure our staff is feeling at this point (and you, as well!). While negotiations with BEA over a memorandum of understanding are not complete, it is VERY likely that we will reserve a number of additional SIW times for teacher-directed work times. We will continue to include some high-priority professional learning opportunities on the February and April EN days, but these will be voluntary for staff. Here is the link to the updated calendar:



Student masking issues – Prior to break, a few of you shared that a handful of students are not consistently following masking protocols after repeated reminders and conversations with the students and their parents.  We worked with Greg Colvin to develop a letter that can be sent home for our worst offenders and that could result in moving the repeat offenders to BLPO at the semester. Progressive steps of intervention/discipline need to occur first and be documented.  If you think this letter needs to be sent to any of your families, contact Eric or me first so we can discuss the situation with you.


Test kits – Each school has Covid test kits and should be using them.   If a staff member feels symptomatic, thinks they have been exposed, or needs some peace of mind let them test.  If we run out we will order more. Tami is trying to make sure that all schools are staying stocked.


Here is a reminder from our HR team: New Request-To-Hire Procedure For Administrators/Supervisors:

We are discontinuing the practice of asking administrators to upload interview packets into google drive.  Instead, you will upload Interview Packets directly into Frontline Recruit & Hire.  
To do that, you will print the packets (Certified Interview Packet;  Classified/Extra Duty Interview Packet) like normal, fill them out during the interview process and then scan them to your email.  
Then, we’ve created this short 1.5 minute video on how to upload the scanned packet into Frontline. Here is a step-by-step guide shown in the video. Open Frontline Recruit/HireLocate the forms module on the left-hand side of your screen Click on “Fill Out a New Form”Under the category “Applicant Screening”, click the Interview Packet box On the bottom-right hand corner of your screen, click “Continue With Selected Forms” It will ask you to type in the specific job and applicant’s name. *Please make sure these match your hiring request* You will upload your Interview Packet to the form, answer the questions, and submit
Important: You will need to upload the interview packet BEFORE you make a Recommendation-to-Hire.  New hires won’t be approved until the uploaded documents can be reviewed by HR.


Here is the link to the HS VP In-Practice Work session from Tuesday.


The Crown Act went into effect as of January 1, 2022. HERE is a quick overview of what you need to know about this important law. Please reach out to Kinsey or me if you have questions.


The gift of time: We have enjoyed being in your schools for learning walks this fall. With Covid on the uptick, we are pausing those visits for a few weeks. We will continue our “walk throughs” in your World Languages and CTE classrooms later this month. Here is the updated schedule.


Our family newsletter goes out this week: Serve Our Schools: Budget Committee


HERE is the calendar for meetings for the year

Here is a sample Learning Walk schedule you can use as a guide to plan that visit.

SIW schedule

Cancelled: January 7th Work Session

Rescheduled: January 6th and 13th Learning Walks

February 5 – SLGG’s and your Self Reflection due (moved both back to account for the Canvas/Synergy clean up).

Reminder: complete your work calendars.  If you need assistance please contact April Jorgenson.

Mark your calendars for June 20 and 21, 2022 for our Leadership Training Academy.

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