May 20, 2022

Dave shared this article from The 74 about one of the long term impacts of COVID on post secondary planning.

To Do:

At our HS Admin work session this Tuesday, we will be discussing our equitable grading work. Some of you may have ready this article by Thomas Guskey, The Case Against Percentage Grades. If you have not, please read it in preparation for our discussion.

Important Reminders:

Instructional Tools Update: As of 5/20, we have received requests for instructional tools from just over 12% of class preps.  On Monday 5/23,  Instructional Technology staff will be sending a follow up email to all staff who have not yet responded.  This follow up email will come from ‘BLP Instructional Technology’ and will have the subject ‘BLP Instructional Tools Requests.’  Teachers have until June 3 to request both digital and physical tools/texts for next year.  Please remind your staff to respond by June 3. 

Please make sure your teachers understand this is the way to ensure they have their curriculum materials ordered and received in a timely manner for the fall. Any questions can be directed to Austin James and Dean Richards.


Evaluation reminder – Check in with me ASAP is you have questions/concerns about completing your certificated AND classified evals. This is the time of year you are meeting with each certified staff member to review their summative evals, check in that you both agree that minis and SLGGS have been completed and both of you have digitally signed off prior to June 16. This includes completing your last mini observation for every certified staff member, as well as their SLGGs.

As a reminder we are focusing on Domains 1, 5 and standards 3.13, 4.16, and 6.24.  Here is the memo on evals from earlier in the year. 

Administrators need to sign off on the following via TalentEd Perform prior to leaving for the summer: self evaluation, fall and spring SLGG digital docs, summative evaluation.


Projecting/announcing Val and Sal: Plan to project your school’s Val and Sal for the class of 2022 and be ready to announce these folks next Friday, May 27 – not before. Be ready to submit a quick write up and photo of each student to Alandra by the end of that day.


From Lora –   Here is the information about next year’s pre-service week that we discussed at our meeting on Monday. By next week, information will be going out to staff regarding district inservice requirements and options. Please wait to share this calendar with staff until they have that information. Let me know if you have any questions!


From Steve Cook – All admin are invited to breakfast at the Education Center Tuesday, June 21st, from 8:00-9:30 AM. This is a chance to honor our retirees and recognize leaders who are leaving the district. Hope you all can make it!


May 24: HS Admin Work Session 8:00-9:30 @ Caldera HS 

May 27: Val and Sal announced – send student photos and info to Alandra!

June 17: Last Day of School!

June 21: All Admin Breakfast 8:00-9:30 @ Ed Center/Room 314

June 24: Principals Only breakfast and work session 8-11 @ BSHS Perseverance Hall.

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