May 13, 2022

To Do:

From Kinsey:  District Equity Stance:   Now that each horizontal group has had time to discuss the first draft of the district Equity Stance, we’d love to capture any additional feedback you’re willing to offer!     Draft here, and feedback tool here.


From Kinsey:  CFEE Workshop:  Coaching for Educational Equity is a truly impactful and intensive experience that will definitely change your perspective on education in Oregon.  It’s two-day version, “Taking It Up,” is wonderful, but the full four-day version is a pretty unique experience.  To date, many of our administrators, and some teacher-leaders, have attended CFEE.  We would love to see everyone attend.

We have two more opportunities coming up this summer–8:00am-3:30pm, virtual format, costs covered by district, 4 spots left for each of the following sessions:   June 27-30, or July 19-22.  First come first served–please reply to me ASAP if you’re interested in one of those dates!

The expectation is that every administrator attends CFEE. If you have not yet attended a session, please consider attending one of these two. Usually there are one or two offered during the school year, as well.


Please share this opportunity from COIC with your students: COIC and Heart of Oregon Corps are offering a paid Wild land Firefighting Certification Course, June 13-17th.  There are 20 spots available and participants must be between the ages of 18-26.  This is a great opportunity for seniors graduating this year as the course will start the week after Bend-La Pine graduations.  To access the application link click HERE!
Feel free to forward this to anyone who works with this age group or who you think may be interested in this career. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to COIC’s course instructor: 

Matt Mahoney [email protected]
Thank you,
Patrick JordanYouth Education Manager541-706-1458 : [email protected]


Important Reminders:

From HR regarding ICCL hiring – Don’t forget to read Candy’s email from yesterday re: ICCL hiring. The goal is to have the ICCL hiring completed by June 30, 2022.  HR  understands this is a very busy season for all of you.  If you are not able to complete your ICCL hires by June 30, 2022,  please just communicate that with Candy and let her know what your plan is and your estimated timeline.  The stipend for the ICCL’s begins in September. 


Evaluation reminder – Check in with me ASAP is you have questions/concerns about completing your certificated AND classified evals. This is the time of year you are meeting with each certified staff member to review their summative evals, check in that you both agree that minis and SLGGS have been completed and both of you have digitally signed off prior to June 16. This includes completing your last mini observation for every certified staff member, as well as their SLGGs.

As a reminder we are focusing on Domains 1, 5 and standards 3.13, 4.16, and 6.24.  Here is the memo on evals from earlier in the year. 

Administrators need to sign off on the following via TalentEd Perform prior to leaving for the summer: self evaluation, fall and spring SLGG digital docs, summative evaluation.


Projecting/announcing Val and Sal: Plan to project your school’s Val and Sal for the class of 2022 and be ready to announce these folks Friday, May 27 – not before. Be ready to submit a quick write up and photo of each student to Alandra.


From Lora re: Personal Days –  According to our collective bargaining agreement, certified staff may NOT take personal leave the last two weeks of school (June 6-17), unless there are “unusual or highly extenuating circumstances.” If you have a certified staff member request personal leave during that time, PLEASE MAKE SURE to forward the request to HR. We want to be consistent about what is approved. Additionally, remember the limit for personal days is 5% of your teaching staff. 


A reminder from Lora – We rescheduled our final session for the year of Preparing to Lead Equitable Schools to Monday, 5/16, from 3:30-5:00 in the boardroom.  This may cause conflicts for some of you. Just let your level leader know if you will be unable to attend. Otherwise, we’ll see the rest of you on the 16th!  Chapters 7-10 are the assigned chapters for this meeting.


from Kinsey:  District pronoun pins:  We now have Bend-La Pine Schools’ pronoun pins for your lanyards!  See this image. These are entirely optional, for folks who want to demonstrate allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community and who feel prepared to model responding to ‘why pronouns‘ if asked about their pin (don’t forget you can link that webpage in your email signature if you’re interested, too).    If you want one, connect with your building’s LEAD Cohort rep or GSA advisor.  We don’t have enough for our entire district workforce yet, so we’re starting with key leaders, to launch support and dialogue.


From Lora: Historically, building principals have had the right to revoke Area Change Requests (ACR’s) if they had concerns about students’ grades, behavior, and/or attendance. In reviewing our ACR policies and practices, our district leadership determined this practice is at best open to inconsistent application and at worst subject to bias. Whether students come to our schools as neighborhood residents, ACR recipients, or inter-district transfer students, they should be considered part of our student population and be treated equitably. Therefore, the district has decided to discontinue the practice of revoking ACR’s.


From Patrick in IT: Below is timeline of tasks that will be completed over the summer.  The tasks affect Synergy and our third party systems such as Clever and Canvas.  Additionally, the timeline describes when student class assignments will be exposed and shared on ParentVue, StudentVue, Canvas and with Clever apps.  Now that we have additional services such as Canvas and the applications through Clever, along with providing opportunities to students over the summer, the need to expose student class schedules has shifted to earlier dates.

DateTask description
July 8, 2022Last day of setting the Next Year School field in Synergy.This includes Bend – La Pine Schools Online summer school extension.
July 10 – 15,2022(Sun – Fri)Services turned off:Synergy (core) for all usersSynergy ParentVue and StudentVueSynergy Online EnrollmentSynergy:  New year rollover final tasks, patches, new release loaded.·      All Synergy user accounts are disabled.
July 10, 2022 through August 22, 2022Services turned off:Synergy TeacherVue/Grade BookSynergy Teacher login accountsData ServicesStudent data shared with these services is ‘frozen’ (not refreshed) with 2021-22 data.Clever (provides data to DreamBox, PEAK/FuelEd, Lexia, etc)Canvas
July 18, 2022Synergy:  Synergy will be set to the new year, 2022-23.Synergy core user accounts will be enabledServices turned on:Synergy (core)Online Enrollment*ParentVue and *StudentVue*The following menus/views in PVUE and SVUE remain OFF as they display class schedules:AttendanceGrade Book and GradeSchedule including homeroom assignment information
August 1 – 19, 2022Summer SchoolServices turned on:Synergy summer school staff accounts (limited users)
August 22, 2022High schools and middle schools:  Master scheduling tasks completeElementary schools: Class assignments complete
August 22, 2022ALL SCHOOLSServices turned on:Synergy teacher login accountsClass schedules are visible in Synergy TeachervueParentVue and StudentVue:   Attendance, Schedule, Grade Book and Grade views.  This includes turning on class schedules for all schools, including elementary schools.Data ServicesStudent data shared with these services is turned on and the data will reflect 2022-23 data.  The data provided to these services will include class schedules.Clever (provides data to DreamBox, PEAK/FuelEd, Lexia, etc)Canvas

Much of these dates are similar to last year, however, I did add in the summer school window.  Also, we are planning to have students be able to access Clever and Canvas year round, unless there is guidance that contradicts that thinking. If you have questions or concerns about this information, please contact Patrick.


HERE is the calendar for meetings for the year

Here is a sample Learning Walk schedule you can use as a guide to plan that visit.

SIW schedule

May 16: Leading Equitable Schools Training 3:30-5:00 in the board room.

May 17: HS VP Work Session:  Management Calibration – Matrix and Synergy documentation 8:00-9:30 @ Ed Center Room 314

May 18th: Counseling Celebratory Meeting, 2:00 – 4:00 pm @ Caldera High School in room 210.

May 19: Learning Walk 1:00-3:00 LA and SS @ LPHS

May 24: HS Admin Work Session 8:00-9:30 @ Realms HS (rescheduled from May 3)

May 27: Val and Sal announced

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