June 3, 2022

To Do:

Secure your facility: At cabinet this week the following building security measures were discussed and were determined to be a priority to enforce for all schools from now to the end of the year.   Please see that you are following the guidelines below.  Truly nothing is new–but a good reminder if you have loosened up through covid. 

  • Before school, there must be adult supervision both secure vestibule entries
  • After the bell rings in the morning, all entrance to the building should be through the secure front entrance.
  • Lock gates immediately when you walk away from morning entry and keep the perimeter secured all day.  Do not wait for the building engineer or Campus Safety and Security Officers to make his or her rounds to lock the gates.
  • Doors should be locked at all times and not propped open
  • If your school has hallway or classroom doors that open to the parking lot, or an area outside the perimeter fencing, these doors need to be locked at all times and not propped open
  • Use Raptor for all guests and visitors and staff without ID.  That means no adults in the perimeter without a Raptor ID and visitor/volunteer purpose to be there. An adult should be positioned to supervise the use of Raptor
  • Wear IDs, recess vests, and carry your keys (having your phone is a good idea as well)
  • If you have any questions or need any assistance, let me know.


Summer School Staff still needed:  Please pass this along to staff at your sites.  With the bulk of the positions filled, we are still seeking EA support across all levels (Jump Start, Spark, Base Camp and SPED/ESY).  In addition, we would like to add a few more teachers to the middle school Spark program, specifically at HDMS.  To apply, find “Careers in BLP Schools” and under “Internal Applicants” you can find open positions for summer employment.  The support for students is rewarding and stipends are substantial!  For more information, please contact Kevin Milner or Dean Richards.


Last week of school schedule:  Be sure to communicate to your students and families that Wednesday, 6/15 is not an early release day.   Thursday, 6/16, the last day of school for students, is an early release day and students will be out at 11:55.  6/17 is a work day for staff.


Staffing Plans -Please  keep your staffing plans updated with the most current names, positions and FTE allocations per staff member.


Please share this info from Jenn: Counselors: Please remind your counselors that we have our end of the year planning retreat on Wednesday, June 8th from 2 pm to 4:30 pm at HDMS. 

The goals for this last meeting include celebrating the hard work we have all put in over the last year, collaborating around tiered interventions, and providing time for teams to begin (or continue/improve) program calendaring for the 2022-23 school year.

SSC: Our SSC’s will be meeting at Miller’s Landing between 1:30-4:00 on June 8th. We will have some refreshments, treats and resources for summer to help you all to stay connected with your students. 


From Kinsey – This newsletter includes upcoming equity-related learning events and community engagement FUN for you and your staff.  

Thank you for sharing this info in different ways (linking in your blog, posting near the copier, mentioning in a staff meeting) so staff of different roles, schedules, and tech tools have access.  Also, can you ask please ask all your bilingual staff to complete this quick Yes or No form?  Thanks!



Nutrition News from Garra was recently shared with families: Regulations for summer lunch and next school year have changed significantly. All waivers extended during the pandemic emergency will end on the last day of the 2021-2022 school year.

For summer lunch meals will continue to be free to all children 18 years and under but now the meal will have to be eaten on site and grab and go or parent pick up is no longer an option.

For next school year, school meals will be paid, free, or reduced price which will require an application to be completed after Aug 1st, except for students attending community eligibility provision (CEP) schools. The CEP schools for 2022-2023 are: Bear Creek Elementary, Ensworth Elementary, Pilot Butte Middle, Bend Tech Academy at Marshall High, Three Rivers, La Pine Elementary, La Pine Middle, La Pine High, and Rosland Elementary.

More people may qualify for the meals program due to the Student Success Act. The State of Oregon supports students who do not qualify for free and reduced meal benefits using federal income guidelines. It provides meal benefits to households with incomes above 185% but not exceeding 300% of the federal poverty guidelines. This means that a family of 4 with an annual income of $79,500 could qualify for meals at no cost. Families are encouraged to apply if they think they may qualify.


FAN services over the summer: The school FAN offices are closed in the summer, but advocate Perla Ruiz will be providing coverage for our families. All the FAN Advocates will have Perla’s contact information on their voicemail and auto email replies. Advocates refer any families of concern to Perla in June so she can connect and provide support over the summer. Perla does not have access to funds, but she will work with families on resources and referrals for food, clothing, dental, vision, medical/OHP, utilities, and housing support needs. 

Perla’s contact information: [email protected], phone 541-355-5683 and text 408-758-0472


From Michele Oakes: As many of you know, we launched BLS’ Beginning Administrator Mentor (BAM) program this year.   Our goal was to support our new (1st and 2nd year) administrators as they launched into a new career pathway.  Our focus of support included daily administrative and leadership needs, as well as, building a better understanding around the role that equity plays at a building and systems level.

We received great feedback and will be modifying the program for 2022-23.  Based on initial data, we will have at least 15 beginning administrators next year.  We need you!  Here is a link to a BAM Interest form which will help us determine who is interested in supporting our beginning administrators.  This information will also help us make more intentional and strategic matches.  Mentees will not be matched with their building principals or evaluators in order to provide confidential spaces for them to grow and learn.

We are working on creating a structure for meetings that align to your existing meetings.  There will also be required meetings, PD and a stipend.  More details to follow.



June 8: Equitable Grading HS/MS, ICCL presentation @ BSHS Perseverance Hall 3:30-4:30

June 9: MVHS Graduation @ 7:00 pm

June 10: LPHS Graduation @ 7:00 pm

June 11: BSHS and SHS Graduations, both @ 10:00 am

June 13: [email protected] Graduation @ 7:00 pm

June 14: Realms HS Graduation @ 7:00 pm

June 15: Full day on Wednesday for students

June 16: Early release and last day for students

June 17: Last Day of School for staff

June 21: All Admin breakfast  from 8:00-9:30 AM @ Ed Center

June 24: Principals only breakfast and work session 8-11 @ BSHS Perseverance Hall.

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