June 10, 2022

To Do:

Security Requirements: I included this information last week, but am adding it again for emphasis. We had an unsafe situation occur at HDMS this week where a felon/child predator was allowed into the building. When the protocols for visitor access are followed, which includes requiring EVERY visitor to use the Raptor kiosk, these kinds of situation can be avoided. So, again, please review our building security measures below and ensure your team is following and enforcing these requirements. 

  • Before school, there must be adult supervision both secure vestibule entries
  • After the bell rings in the morning, all entrance to the building should be through the secure front entrance, where the Raptor kiosk is located.
  • Lock gates immediately when you walk away from morning entry and keep the perimeter secured all day.  Do not wait for the building engineer or Campus Safety and Security Officers to make his or her rounds to lock the gates.
  • Doors should be locked at all times and not propped open.
  • If your school has hallway or classroom doors that open to the parking lot, or an area outside the perimeter fencing, these doors need to be locked at all times and not propped open.
  • Use Raptor for all guests and visitors and staff without ID.  That means no adults in the perimeter without a Raptor ID and visitor/volunteer purpose to be there. An adult should be positioned to supervise the use of Raptor
  • Staff should wear their ID badges and carry their keys and phone at all times.
  • If you have any questions or need any assistance, reach out to Scott, Julianne or me.


Please send Denise the name of your 504 Coordinator.


Who are your Canvas First Responders for 22-23?: Canvas First Responders play a critical role in Canvas support; they are the “local” Canvas leaders available to field questions,  promote best practices, train staff, and troubleshoot concerns. We couldn’t do it without this savvy and dedicated group! In preparation for the 22-23 school year, we ask that you identify the teachers who will serve your school in this role. Enter teacher names in the “22-23 Support Staff” column in this document.  The description and duties of this role are available here.


From Misty Groom, Student Threat Assessment Program Coordinator: As a partner of Central Oregon Student Threat Assessment System & Team, I am looking for feedback regarding our regional STAS program.  The feedback will be kept anonymous and aggregated as a collective set of feedback that is used as one tool in the evaluation of the STAS program. Any input is very important to us. We are committed to collaboration, continuous improvement and keeping relationships at the center of all we do.

The survey link form is: STAS Feedback form 

Once this data is collected, it will be shared with the STAS Advisory Committee.  Thank you for your partnership and if you have any questions, please let me know. 


Dismissal on the last day of school, Thursday, June 16: In last week’s blog, I incorrectly stated that students would be released at 12:40 (the elementary time) on the last day of school. High school students will be released the same time they are dismissed on Wednesdays: 1:55pm.


From Tami Pike: Below is some information regarding end of the year activities with COVID-19 positive students/families. *High school nurses have already received information regarding the process for graduating seniors that test positive. For all other students/families please follow the instructions below:

  • If the COVID-19 positive individual is on day 0-5, they are not permitted to attend or participate in any school related activities. (inside or outside)
  • If the COVID-19 positive individual is on day 6-10, they can attend activities (indoor or outdoor) as long as they are wearing at least a KN95 mask, symptoms have improved and fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. 


End-of-Year Translation/Interpretation:

This Month, the 13th is the last day before the ESD shifts into their summer mode, and requests will be significantly more expensive and harder to fill after that point.  Please submit any requests for translation/interpretation to Linguist Link ASAP.  Thanks for reminding your teachers and staff as well.

End-of-year items that require translation/interpretation:.  

-Report card/Grading comments

-School newsletters and announcements

-End-of-year invitations, events, and awards ceremonies

-Summer resources

-Summer phone message

-Front office hours signage (here is one you can use)

Remember: Liaisons, specialists, and bilingual staff are not currently qualified for translation/interpretation, so plan ahead and use Linguist Link.  If you have a bilingual staff member you would like to have available for this work in the future, make sure they have signed up to start the process.  


Equitable Grading Presentation: Wednesday, during SIW, Stephen and five middle and high school teachers from the Equitable Grading Think Tank presented the recommendations for equitable grading practices. Here is the presentation.


Professional Learning focused on Equitable Grading: During the Q and A yesterday, a question was asked about PD for teachers related to equitable grading best practices. Part of the August 30th required certified training is focused on this topic for secondary teachers. Additionally, remind your staff that an entire day of the Innovation Conference is dedicated to equitable grading practices. Encourage them to sign up and learn for themselves the WHY behind a change in practice will better serve our students.

Here is the information from Stephen DuVal, Director of College and Career Readiness related to learning more about equitable grading: As requested, the equitable grading Q and A was recorded for those who could not make it.  That recording is linked here.

Additionally, I am providing a link to a folder full of resources the team used to examine practices in conjunction with Grading for Equity by Joe Feldman.  Feel free to dive into the readings yourself.

Once again, here are a few other links you may find useful.

  • Sign up for the Innovative Teaching and Learning Conference in Performance Matters.  Grading Expert Rick Wormeli will be speaking on the 24th.  We HIGHLY encourage you to attend.
  • If you would like a copy of Grading for Equity, we will send one your way.  Please fill out this form.
  • If you have interest in using an alternative grading scale (0-4, 1-4, etc.) and are not at a school that uses one building-wide (Cascade, Pilot Butte, BTA, Realms MS/HS), please fill out this form.  Support and PD will be arranged for the fall.
  • Recommendations – Executive summary and full document.


A note from Michele Clements, HS LA TOSA: Here is a message she sent to our HS LA teachers this week: I know you have been receiving curriculum ordering information from Austin James and Donna Layne.  To support you through process changes, Donna has generously offered to work through the summer, thus allowing Language Arts teachers more time to determine and place orders.  All reading curriculum orders must be entered into the system no later than JULY 1.

In the fall, the reading curriculum policy was updated. Teacher-directed texts read by students in our classrooms – either whole-class studies or book club reads – are no longer considered supplemental texts.  This means that whole-class study and book club titles must either appear on the BLS Approved webpage or be in the process of being approved.  I know this is a large difference from the previous policy, but our district is united around the values of equity (all approved titles being options for all teachers/students) and teacher protection (supporting your choices in the event your titles come under scrutiny).

All titles you are wanting to order are in one of two categories: currently approved, or needing to be approved.

  • If your title to be ordered is currently approved: fill out the ordering form (link sent by Austin James/Donna Layne on 5/17). 
    • If the titles you are interested in ordering – either for whole-class study or book club use – exist on that page, your order will be processed in July and should arrive in time for you to plan fall instruction.
  • If your title is not currently approved the following two steps are required:
    • #1 – fill out the ordering form anyway – there is a drop-down box identifying the title as currently seeking approval
      • #1a – if you are wanting the title for fall 2022 instruction, ask your site administrator for temporary approval – this means your site will either cover the order using discretionary dollars or that you will find another source of funding (DonorsChoose, GoFundMe, etc.).  
    • #2 – fill out the applicable form seeking whole-district title approval.  The form for whole-class title instruction is here. (30-60 minutes to complete) The form for book club reading lists is here. (15 minutes per title). Both forms also exist at the bottom of the BLS Approved webpage.

The BLS Approved webpage was updated at the start of this year to include all titles currently taught in our classrooms. To get this information, we worked with site librarians during spring 2021. All high school Diversity Project titles appear on this page; all middle school titles exist in the Padlet/Book Clubs spreadsheet with the webpage being updated in early fall. If titles were inadvertently left off the lists we received, it is important we address those errors.

Again, because we recognize that process transitions can be challenging and time intensive, we have extended the ordering deadline to July 1.  Donna Layne and I welcome your questions and are committed to supporting you as you navigate this new process.


From Amy Tarnow: Registration for the BLSO summer program is open!  Online classes will open on June 27 and close on August 26th.  Bend-La Pine Online staff will be available virtually to support students all summer long.  Families can register through the “Summer Registration” link on our website, or by scanning the QR code found on our flyers.  Here is the direct link as well:  https://bls.fyi/blsosummersignup

We market our summer program only for our incoming 9th-11th graders and this year’s seniors who might need a few more credits to graduate. Middle schoolers can take summer courses but it is usually to finish something from the school year or accelerate in math…we don’t advertise that but if you know of families who would like to access that option please send them our way.

Here are links that can be shared digitally:  

Flyer – English:  https://www.canva.com/design/DAFBiXCJUA0/IdCFo5vEugOixVYJlfhk8A/view?utm_content=DAFBiXCJUA0&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink

Flyer- Spanish:  https://www.canva.com/design/DAFB1EU38Z0/QxxNqkXPAg422zDl6sTC-w/view?utm_content=DAFB1EU38Z0&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink


From Chad Brewer and our IT Team: Bend-La Pine Schools is moving to a new product for student iPad web filtering. This web filtering service is focused on K-12 education and will give us some functionality we don’t currently have as well as some roadmap items we may take advantage of in the future.

The biggest change right now is that websites are categorized in a way that aligns with the needs of a K-12 school district. The new filtering for high school was enabled yesterday.

The details:

*Each student iPad will automatically receive an app called “Relay Smart Agent” (this part has already happened).

*This app is required for the new filter and cannot be deleted by students.

*When a website is blocked, the block page will look different and provide a link to the app for detailed information.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can also reach out to your building IT Client Services tech.


From Dean Richards and Julie Montoya: Principals – if you haven’t yet shared information with families about reviewing our World Languages Curriculum, you still have time. New date for review is June 13. Here’s a bilingual message you can share:

Community Invited to Review World Language Curriculum Community members, staff and students are invited to share input on the World Language curriculum, grades 6-12, up for approval for adoption during the Bend-La Pine Schools’ Board of Directors meeting June 21. A team of Bend-La Pine Schools’ teachers and staff spent months reviewing options and gathering input from families, staff and students, before narrowing the curriculum options to one recommendation per language and level. Community members are invited to review the recommended option by viewing the materials online or signing up to view the materials in person in Bend or La Pine through June 13.

Review the materials online: https://bls.fyi/worldlanguage

Sign up to review the materials in-person: https://bls.fyi/materialsreview

Les invitamos repasar los materiales de lenguas mundiales

Inscríbanse para revisar materiales en Bend-LaPine o en línea

Les invitamos a la comunidad, empleados y estudiantes repasar y compartir sus comentarios sobre la materia de los lenguas mundiales, listos para ser aceptados por el comité escolar el 21 de junio. Un equipo de maestros de Bend-La Pine Schools pasaron meses repasando las opciones disponibles y juntando contribuciones de familias, empleados y estudiantes antes de provenir una recomendación por lenguaje y nivel. Les invitamos a la comunidad hacer la crítica de las recomendaciones en línea o en persona usando los enlaces a continuación.

Revisar en línea: https://bls.fyi/worldlanguage

Inscribirse para ver materiales en persona o Webex: https://bls.fyi/materialsreview



ABC Rotation calendars for 22-23: We are beginning our ABC rotation for the 22-23 school year during the first week of school. Wednesday, Sept 7 is our ninth grade only day: A Day begins on Thursday, Sept 8: B Day begins on Friday, Sept 9 and so on. Here is the English version and the Spanish version. If you plan to adjust your daily schedule on Thursday or Friday of this first week – or any other day, remember to think through and plan how that will impact the schedules of the teachers you share with other schools!


From Lora –   Here is the information about next year’s pre-service week. Also, we have designed a Professional Development calendar for next year to help you track the required trainings.

June 9: MVHS Graduation @ 7:00 pm (Katie Out for graduation)

June 10: LPHS Graduation @ 7:00 pm (Katie Out all day)

June 11: BSHS and SHS Graduations, both @ 10:00 am

June 13: [email protected] Graduation @ 7:00 pm

June 14: Realms HS Graduation @ 7:00 pm

June 15: Full day on Wednesday for students

June 16: Early release @ 1:55 and last day for students

June 17: Work Day for staff

June 21: All Admin Breakfast 8:00-9:30 @ Ed Center/Room 314

June 24: Principals only breakfast and work session 8-11 @ BSHS Perseverance Hall.

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