June 17, 2022

To Do:

School Offices – please remember to post your office hours and office availability before you leave for the summer.  Front offices at BSHS, CHS, LPHS, MVHS and SHS should be open August 1st. Front offices at [email protected] and Realms HS should open August 8th.  Here are the signs to use for your front door. Please adjust as needed. 



Year Long Calendar –   We have put together a master planning calendar of the work sessions and leadership professional development for next year. We will continue our traditional high school leadership/horizontal work sessions (principals, assistant principals, and deans), and add work sessions specific to principals and to assistant principals and deans.  Admin/ ICCL workshops will focus on MTSS and how to develop and lead an effective MTSS system in our schools.  Our work with The Center for Educational Leadership(CEL) will also happen during these sessions and focus on how to lead equitable schools.  The SIW calendar is also on the document, outlining what each Wednesday will be.    22-23 School Year PD/meeting Calendar


Counseling Blog from Jennifer –   Check out the most recent blog here.


Leah Bibeau in the business office –   Please be sure to read the email from me earlier this week regarding digital leave and time sheets for next year.  Just know that the paper ones we currently use will be coming to an end. 


June 21: All Admin Breakfast 8:00-9:30 @ Ed Center/Room 314

June 24: Principals breakfast and work session 8-11 @ BSHS Perseverance Hall.

 Here is the information about next year’s pre-service week. Also, we have designed a Professional Development calendar for next year to help you track the required trainings.

August 1: BSHS, CHS, LPHS, MVHS and SHS front offices open

August 8: [email protected] and Realms HS front offices open

August 10 and 11: CEL training for all administrators 8-4 @location TBA

August 16: HS Admin Welcome Back 11:00-3:00 @ BSHS Perseverance Hall (lunch provided)

August 17: Safety Day – one admin per building attends

August 17 and 18: Taking it Up Training – optional – registration required

August 22: HS Admin Up Shift Training 8:30-10:00 @ Ed Center Room 314

August 22: HS VP Work Session – sharing student management practices 10:00-12:30 @ Ed Center Room 314 (lunch provided)

August 24 and 25: Innovation Conference @ PCMS – Principals required to attend keynote both days

August 29: New Teacher welcome and orientation

August 30: Required professional development – all certified staff

August 31: District Welcome Back (virtual- am); building time pm

September 1-2: building time

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