August 12, 2022

To Do:

Principals, please send me a quick email or text verifying that you sent these letters. This was in the blog last Friday: Send letters to parents by next Friday, August 12: We continue to participate in the Return to School after Concussion Study ( in partnership with the CDC, High Desert ESD and the University of Oregon. Here is a brief description of the project and the flowchart of activities associated with the work. This is a volunteer opportunity for families. Please send this information letter (English and Spanish) out to your families by next Friday, August 12. Jody Slocumb is the lead on the project and will be presenting this info to Athletic Trainers at their meeting next week to overview the project. Connect with Jody if you have questions.


Prioritizing Restorative Practices training and implementation for Building Leaders: As we continue our work towards student management practices that foster belonging, we require that all Assistant Principals & Deans attend training on Restorative Practices. The fall training is scheduled for October 5 & 26th (both Wednesdays) 12:00-4:00 on both days in the Ed. Center Boardroom (rm 314). Please sign up for this training if you have not yet been trained.

Here is a link listing BLS staff and if they have been trained in Restorative Practices in the past: BLS IIRP Admin.

Here is the link to register for the training: October 5 & 26 IIRP Training Registration

The training will be facilitated by Amber McGill, one of our Culture of Care coaches who works with the HDESD. She can also be reached if you have specific questions.


HS teaming structures and admin leads: Please complete this 22-23 Secondary Teaming Structure Survey asking for the building administrator who will lead each of your school teams AND the meeting dates.

Each school needs to reconvene Site Council this year. HERE is the law related to the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century, which requires every school to have a Site Council.

Additionally, the focus for SIW time is collaboration time/PLC work and professional development. Please schedule staff meetings (sit and get; announcements) 8:00-8:30 one day a week. Indicate the day you will meet on the survey – you may cancel, but it is proactive to have the time/date reserved on staff calendars.


Show some school spirit! Schools are being asked to watch the welcome back August 31st WebEx presentation together.  There will be a competition on who can show the most school spirit on this day.  Send your pics to Marta Broberg.


From Julianne and Scott: We are looking forward to seeing you for this year’s Safe and Secure Schools Workshop on Wednesday, August 17 at the Bend High School Auditorium. Here is the agenda.

The designated Safety Administrator from each building attends the 8:00-1:00 session.

The designated HS Safety Administrator and their Campus Monitor(s)* attend the 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. session. All others are excused after completing COVID-19 plan template. *(CM’s will be time sheeted.)

ZYDECO kitchen and cocktails will be providing ‘boxed lunches’ for these trainings.  Please click on this link now 😊 to complete a very short survey to select your meal of choice. In order to prepare appropriately for these meals, we need you to respond to this survey by noon on Friday, Aug. 12  If you are not able to respond prior to this deadline you may not receive the meal of your choice, but you will have a meal available. There will be coffee available in the morning and drinks provided at lunch. Feel free to also bring your own personal reusable water bottle as a fill station will be available.


From the Teaching and Learning Team:  The Innovative Teaching and Learning Conference is coming up on August 24th and 25th at Pacific Crest Middle School.  Check out the Innovative Flyer to find out about the keynote speakers and the amazing educators who will be sharing their practice with us.  Here is the schedule of sessions:

All administrators are required to attend both keynote sessions AND the leadership session with Bettina Love on August 25.

  • STEM Camp available at Miller Elementary for school-aged childrenOne OSU Fall Credit will be availableSign up to attend via Performance MattersLunch will be provided


August 30 has been designated as our Day 189. Building leaders will lead the equitable grading training for their classroom teachers in the morning. Teachers will attend Canvas training a various locations in the afternoon. Here is the link to trainings for other team members on this day.


From Dean and Julie Montoya to your World Language Teachers: Happy still summer all. If you are interested in working with leveled teams (ex: Spanish 1) to design and plan modules for our new materials, please sign up for DAY 2 of the Innovation conference in Performance Matters). This will count as your day 190.  Folks who attend will listen to the keynote speaker, which will finish at 10:00.  Our module planning teams will have the rest of the time to divide and conquer and plan.  The conference wraps up at 3:15.  


  1. Sign up for day 2 of the Innovation conference for August 25th.  Again, this will be your day 190 teacher directed day, so you will have one of those flex days later covered:)  
  2. Email me your name and the level group you’d like to join, that way I can make sure there are others signing up for you to work with.
  3. Forward this email to any new World Language staff in your building.  If you have a free second after that, email me the names of any new staff as I love to make sure they have the support they need.

Happy still summer… now turn off your laptop and go back out to enjoy it😉


Rankings turned off on transcripts: Bend La Pine will no longer be ranking students on their transcript and the function has been turned off in Synergy.  Schools can still pull GPA ranking for their own use, but it is not shared with students.  This practice will be communicated to colleges via the school profile and the school report that counselors fill out for colleges.  Counselors and Future Center Staff will be made aware of this new practice on August 30th at their joint meeting at Caldera. Counselors will then teach students how to fill out this information on their applications.  

More and more high schools are leaving rankings off of their academic transcripts as it is not necessarily a direct reflection of student achievements in high school.  For more information, please see this article about the positive impact for students in relation to college admissions. 


PSAT, ACT and SAT opportunities for our students: We will offer the PSAT on October 15 at our comprehensive high schools in Bend (BSHS, CHS, MVHS and SHS). Students from LPHS, Realms and BTA@ MHS will be welcome to take the test at these schools.

The expectation is that every student who wants to take the PSAT can secure a spot at one of our high schools. We will work with students in La Pine to provide transportation on an as needed basis.

The building leadership team at MVHS will host the ACT spring 2023.

The building leadership team at BSHS will continue to host several sessions of the SAT.


From Rachel Mavis: Below are the trainings for new Registrars and the back-to-school session for ALL registrars.

If you do not have a registrar in place, I recommend sending someone from your school to be trained. Having a registrar backup is recommended.

These trainings are in Performance Matters. If your new staff person does not have an active account, they may set up a Performance Matters Non Staff account.  

Registrar Training:

Navigation (required): Self-Paced course:

Registrar I – ALL Registrars regardless of grade level

August 16 – 8:00 – 11:00 Wall St Lab

  • Enrollments (online, paper)
  • Parents
  • Cumm file – basics

Registrar II – Elementary Registrars (Secretary II) 

August 17 – 1:00-3:00  Wall St Lab

  • Health, 
  • Attendance, 
  • Homerooms 

Mandatory Back to School Workshop for ALL registrars:

August 18 – 8:00 – 1:00 at Pacific Crest.

  • New Policies/Procedures
  • Changes in Synergy

For more information and all communication, please review our Office Staff Web Page. Look for the August Communication tab.


ACR Update: The ACR team met this week to approve the remaining appeals and those on the waiting list for the 22-23 school year.  We are notifying families regarding the status of their ACR.  Stephanie will notify your registrars of approved ACR’s.

Prior to the start of school, we will review and approve one for one’s (same grade and schools) by August 26th and again for semester 2.

Just a reminder that we are no longer revoking ACR’s. Mid year school change requests will be reviewed three times a year, prior to the beginning of trimester 2 and 3 and semester 2 by the Tier 3 secondary team that met every Friday last year. Eric will share this process in more detail at our upcoming work session. Our goal is to move away from mid year requests as this is not best practice. Please reach out with questions.


Here is the DEI Newsletter from Kinsey: Please find the August newsletter here, with topics like:

  • What can our district LEAD instructional coaches and team offer me?
  • What equity-focused events are coming up?
  • What are district expectations on pronoun use and supporting transgender/nonbinary students or staff?
  • What guidance is available for supporting immigrant students?
  • …and more!


From Dan Dummit, Director of Facilities: Our district has a policy for volunteer painting projects. If there is interest in this on the part of you or a staff member, here is the policy: FKAA-AR – Requirements for Volunteer Painting. The project must be approved prior to beginning. Give Dan a call if you have questions.


Here is a LINK to a summary of our work in August and the first week of school.

First Week of School, September 7, 8 and 9:

ABC Rotation calendars for 22-23: We are beginning our ABC rotation for the 22-23 school year during the first week of school. Here is the English version and the Spanish version. 

Wednesday, Sept 7: Ninth grade only day with Link Crew Leaders

Thursday, Sept 8:  A Day Grades 9-12 attend

Friday, Sept 9:  B Day

and so on….

If you plan to adjust your daily schedule on Thursday or Friday of this first week – or any other day, remember to think through and plan how that will impact the schedules of the teachers you share with other schools!  Please proactively communicate with the admin of the other school AND with the teacher who is impacted.

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