September 22, 2021

From Scott in District Safety: I wanted to take a moment to send out a reminder on our drill procedures. Your Safety Administrator should have been granted access to the District Safety Site Representatives – Drills Google Drive. Be sure you record your drills for each month.

Inside the “Drills” Google Drive, you should see a folder titled: “Drill and Evaluation Forms (Schools).” There is a folder for each school inside that folder. This is where you can drop your BLS Drill and Emergency Incident Evaluation Form once you complete your drills (this is the form you use to email to Marsh Baro after your school completed a drill).

You will also find pdf files of our district Safety Drills Guidelines 2022-23 which has information on the required drills by Oregon law and district expectations on completing those drills each month.

Finally, you will see the BLS Emergency Drills SY 22-23 Google Sheet that you will use to enter the dates each month that your school completes your emergency drills (Marsha use to track this for us as well).

Please reach out with any questions or issues with access to any of the documents in this folder.


From Tina in Transportation: It is time for students to be trained in bus evacuation drills. We will use a video for the state mandated training. Students who ride the bus will receive additional training from their driver in the very near future. Please have your home room or advisory teachers show the video (here) to their students. After all classes have viewed the video, complete the doc here and return to Justin Kohler, Training Coordinator at [email protected] , [email protected] , or to me. We would greatly appreciate it this could be finished no later than Friday, October 14th.


From Stephen and Jennifer: Feedback requested on Life and Career Readiness vision: Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Life and Career Readiness initiative at our last work session.  Stephen and Jennifer are looking for feedback on the river document they showed you.  Please take a moment to fill out this survey.


From Paul in HR: UKG Project Update: Please include the UKG Project on a faculty/department meeting agenda within the next two weeks and show one of the videos to be certain that all staff are exposed to this work...

This week’s UKG training includes directions for the following three tasks or you can view this video instead. How To Login To UKGYou’ll need to have already set up multi-factor authentication.  If you haven’t done so, please follow these instructions.Use (and bookmark) this BLS UKG link Once you’ve received the Congratulatory message that you’ve successfully logged into UKG, you may logout.UKG Tech SupportFor the launch of phase one of the Time & Leave module, support will be in three easy steps:We ask people to fully read and follow the training docs/videos which are housed in our HR UKG Suite Implementation website within teh staff portal Reach out to your office manager for assistanceSubmit a Help Desk ticket here and choose UKG from the first drop down menu. Access the UKG Smart Phone AppFollow these instructions or the ones at the end of this video


From Alandra: Principals – please share this blurb in your next parent communication, so long as it is before October 10:

Community Invited to Apply to Vacant Board Seat

Applications due October 11; appointee to fill term through June 2023

Bend-La Pine Schools’ Board of Directors is seeking applicants to fill a vacant seat, Zone 7 at large. Applicants must reside within a Deschutes County voting precinct, have resided within a Deschutes County voting precinct for at least one year, reside within Bend-La Pine Schools’ attendance area and be registered to vote.

Applications are due October 11 at 4 p.m. Visit the Board of Directors’ webpage for details on how to apply (applicants must share a resume, residency attestation form from the webpage and a letter of interest following the prompt on the website.)

Finalists will be selected Nov. 8 and a final appointee will be sworn in Dec. 13. The individual will be appointed to serve through June 20, 2023 (the appointee may choose to file for the May 2023 election.)

Se invita a la comunidad a postularse para un puesto vacante en la junta directiva

Las solicitudes se vencen el 11 de octubre; la persona nombrada ocupara el término hasta junio de 2023

La Junta Directiva de las Escuelas de Bend-La Pine está buscando candidatos para ocupar un puesto vacante, la Zona 7 en general.  Los solicitantes deben residir dentro de un recinto electoral del condado de Deschutes, haber residido dentro de un recinto electoral del condado de Deschutes durante al menos un año, residir dentro del área de asistencia de las escuelas de Bend-La Pine y estar registrados para votar.

Las solicitudes deben presentarse antes de el 11 de octubre a las 4 p.m. Visite la página web de la Junta Directiva para obtener detalles sobre cómo presentar una solicitud (los solicitantes deben compartir un currículum vitae, un formulario de certificación de residencia de la página web y una carta de interés siguiendo el aviso en el sitio web).

Los finalistas serán seleccionados el 8 de noviembre y la persona nombrada prestará juramento el 13 de diciembre. El individuo será designado para servir hasta el 20 de junio de 2023 (la persona nombrada puede optar por presentar una solicitud para las elecciones de mayo de 2023).



From Colleen Behrens, Linda Adams and Monica Freeman

Data is a part of our daily decisions and in all careers. Standards in Math, Science and Social Science are adding more data literacy starting with elementary grades. But what is data?  How do we teach students to create and understand the stories data can present?  What does it mean to be a data literate citizen?  The Science, Math and Social Science Instructional Coaches are offering a Data Literacy Series for secondary teachers. We encourage cohorts from the same school and across disciplines to participate in the series, but individuals are welcome too.  Please share this informational flyer with your teachers. 


From Scott and Julianne: Here are the Safety Slides for you to use with staff and students as helpful.


From Jennifer Hauth: Family Engagement: A Meaningful Back-to-School Night

Imagine walking into your child’s back-to-school night and experiencing an event that builds meaningful connections between parents, students, educators, and staff. A back-to-school night filled with warm greetings, open discussion, and the creation of a shared vision. Too often these events, in the spirit of expediency, miss important opportunities to catalyze a sense of belonging and authentic partnership between schools and families. But family partnerships are especially important this year to drive recovery, and we can leverage SEL to create a better back-to-school night that fosters real relationships: by personally welcoming families as they enter the building, ensuring that parents actually get to know each other as well as the school staff during the event, and concluding in a way that leaves participants feeling encouraged to stay in partnership. Parents already support SEL in school; now let’s utilize it to strengthen family engagement.

First Impressions

How can you welcome families as they enter your building and set a tone of student-centered welcome, support, collaboration, and joy?

·         Consider how to incorporate young people’s voices, either in person as greeters and guides, as performers (such as the school band or dance group performing as people enter), through artwork or messages on the wall, etc.

·         Before the event, ask students what they want to share and celebrate most about their school.

Getting to Know One Another While We Get to Know Your School

How can you ensure that families not only learn about the school curriculum, but also get to know the school staff and each other?

·         Have name tags available for families where they can share their name and “I have a child in x grade”

·         Begin classroom or whole-school presentations with a warm welcome that allows for connections between caregivers. This may be a brief turn-and-talk about something caregivers are looking forward to during the year ahead or an activity such as a “raise your hand if you … (have multiple students in this school, remember being nervous for a first day of school, attended this school yourself, tried something new or traveled outside of our state this summer, etc.)” Find more ideas in our 3 Signature Practices Playbook.

·         Ensure that staff members introduce themselves, their vision as educators, and their hopes for the year, in addition to the schedules, curriculum overview, and logistics of their classroom.

·         Include an overview of the ways that the school is explicitly building community at the school and classroom level, any SEL curricula you are using, and ways that student supports are integrated into the classroom experience. Create opportunities for caregivers to share how they are supporting their students’ holistic development at home as well.

·         Consider having interactive opportunities rather than just telling caregivers about the curricula. It can be powerful to use examples that tie to the community or experiences that showcase how your curriculum helps prepare students for their daily lives and futures.

·         Create bi-directional learning. Consider having caregivers sit in a circle to encourage sharing and equity of voice. Classroom gatherings may also be a time to get feedback on what caregivers may have learned about their students during remote learning or how the teacher and school can best meet their students’ needs (verbally or through a quick written survey).

·         In schools with homerooms, consider having sticky notes inside each student’s desk where caregivers can leave “love notes” for their students. For students whose caregivers are unable to attend, offer opportunities to email notes or have peers also leave notes for one another.

·         Collaborate to build deeper connections to the local community. For example:
— Organize community/neighborhood tours. Create opportunities for parents and caregivers to identify the places they’d like school staff to see to better understand their interests and needs.
— Use the night to schedule visits to homes and community centers or ask for upcoming events that staff and caregivers can enjoy together.
— Partner with the local library to explore local history together.

Optimistic Close

How can you end your time together in a way that leaves participants feeling connected and encouraged to stay in partnership with school staff and one another?

End your back-to-school night by inviting caregivers to share something positive they have heard this year from their student or something they are curious to learn more about in the coming months. Share opportunities for caregivers to sign up for newsletters, roundtables, and volunteer opportunities and to partner with you on the design of these experiences and resources.

Just as we hope that SEL and academic growth are intertwined throughout our students’ school experiences, we see back-to-school nights as opportunities to model those connections for caregivers as well. Wishing you all a beautiful year ahead!


From Paul in HR: Here is the second installment of our weekly UKG project update.  This video will provide a 3-minute overview of our implementation and training schedule.

Multifactor Authentication(MFA)

Staff who have not set up MFA, will not be able to login to UKG and therefore won’t be able to request leaves, submit timesheets and perform other critical tasks.  

Here is documentation on setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA).  If you encounter problems, you may reach out to the IT Help Desk support (x1200).



September 26: Assistant Principal/Dean Work Session 7:30-8:30 at Ed Center rom 314

September 26District Safety Team meeting 8:30-9:30 (Safety leads required to attend) at Ed Center room 314

September 27: Principal Work Session 8:00-10:00 @ Ed Center room 203

October 4: ICCL/Administrator Work Session 4-6pm @ BSHS in Perseverance Hall

October 7: Principal Breakfast@ Original Pancake House 7:30

October 10: Principal PD 3:00-4:30

October 11: HS Administrator Work Session 8:00-9:30 @MVHS Library

October 14: SIF and HSS Discretionary budgets due.

October 14: Bias Incident student lesson should have been taught by school staff.

October 19: Stats I Training 12-4 @ HDESD building in Redmond. This training is required for all administrators and Deans. Contact Eric Powell to sign up or if you have questions.

October 24: Assistant Principal/Dean Work Session 7:30-8:30 at Ed Center in Board Room.

October 25: HS Administrator Work Session 8:00-9:30 @Realms. Prep for meeting: Read Chapters 1-4 in Equitable Grading by Joe Feldman

Check out this video made by Caldera’s Leadership for the Frosh Assembly: Go Wolfpack!

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