January 19th Update

Report Cards

Report cards are ready to go in Synergy.  If you need any assistance with Synergy report cards please explore the resources linked below or reach out to your building’s support team of instructional coaches, client services technicians, or contact the Help Desk x1200.

Synergy Report Card Resources:

Revised SIW Schedule

The SIW schedule has been revised to provide additional teacher planning time. Please view it here: Revised SIW Schedule 

K-1 Foundational Skills Educator Network Session

K-1 Foundational Skills Educator Network Session will still be happening on February 9th and April 20th- 1:30-3:00 in each elementary building.  The information covered during this session is essential information on teaching phonics.  Decodable texts have been purchased for teachers and these materials will be given out at each of these Educator Network sessions.  The sessions are optional and teachers will be paid (timesheet) to attend. Please sign-up here. 

Literacy Happenings

Google Drive permissions
Due to new security updates in Google, many of the links folks access here may ask you to request permission to view. Unfortunately this cannot be fixed. Please just keep asking and you will be granted access as soon as the request comes through.

Math Happenings 

Kindergarten Report Cards
Since the Number Corner checkups are optional this year, the Measurement, Data, and Geometry standards are not being assessed by the previous recommended Unit Checkpoints. Therefore two checkpoints were added to unit 5 and 6.  Teachers can find them here.  If your school team decides, teachers may use NEI or NA for those standards instead of administering the checkpoints. Please reach out to your instructional coach or to Kerry Morton with any questions.


Are students having technical/iPad challenges with Lexia or DreamBox? Please go through all of these trouble-shooting tips first, and then report technical problems directly to Lexia and DreamBox if problems persist. 

Exciting Bend Science Station News!

The Bend Science Station has completed the modification of Amplify Units for grades 2 + 3!  That means we have resources for grades 2-5 at the moment. (Grades K-1, coming at a future date!) Thank you to the team of teachers who worked with the Science Station to help make this possible, including everyone who attended the training sessions!

Access to these streamlined units with additional hands-on experiments are now available for teachers at:

Based on teacher experience, they selected and redesigned 2 units at each grade level, most effectively using classroom time and resources to deliver these science lessons.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the materials needed for these improved lessons has been delivered to each elementary school.  Teachers should check with their grade level teams or the front office to access the kits!

Many thanks to the Bend Science Station for doing this enormous amount of work and for being such a great community partner. The redesign is fantastic and has received positive reviews. If teachers have ANY questions, please contact the Science Station. They look forward to scheduling additional training sessions this Spring!