March 30th Update

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Miller Elementary Kindergarten

Save the Date!

Summer Professional Learning!

Math Happenings

Summer Mathematics Professional Learning:
Forefront: You can autofill spreadsheets now!

Preparing for Spring Conferences:

Supporting English Learners

Be sure to connect with the language specialist at your school when scheduling conferences for your emergent bilinguals to ensure interpreters are scheduled when needed.  Here’s a few tips to think about when conducting conferences with your multilingual families with an interpreter:

  • Allow for extra time; remember that everything has to be said twice!
  • Arrange the seating so that you are facing the parents or guardians, and speak directly to them in English, pausing every few sentences for the interpreter to interpret what you said.
  • Avoid excessive use of acronyms, idioms and technical terms; when it’s necessary to use them, explain what they mean
  • Avoid speaking directly to the interpreter, the conversation should be between you and the family.

Inclusive Practices Spotlight

What do INCLUSIVE PRACTICES look like in instruction and assessment

  • The general education classroom is the first consideration when instructional settings are discussed. -There is scaffolded instruction occurring in all classrooms. 
  • There are professional development opportunities that promote inclusive practices. 
  • There are heterogeneous groupings utilized in every classroom. 
  • Instructional accommodations and curricular modifications are appropriately applied for all students who require them.

Social Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Setting Harmony Goals – Harmony Goals, created by the class, are similar to group agreements, class norms, expectations, or a class pledge. After break is a great time to revisit or set up your Harmony class goals. The goals reflect how everyone wants to interact and be treated by one another. Establish these goals during your first Meet Up, as you will be referring to them daily. These goals guide the class every moment of the day, whether it’s during Meet Up, Buddy Up, or any other time.

Next week our blog update will focus on personal Harmony goals for students. 

Meet -Up Question of the Week

K – 2: What is something you have done that made you feel brave? Teacher Note:  How do you explain bravery to a child? Courage involves making good choices in the face of fear or obstacles. It’s another term for bravery. Remember: Bravery doesn’t mean fearlessness. It means we do not let fear hold us back from exploring new opportunities, developing our skills, and doing what is right.

3 – 5: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”  ~Dr. Suess  What has made you feel proud? Teacher Note: How do you explain proud to a child? Pride is feeling very happy or pleased about something that you did that may have been difficult or challenging.

More Quick Connection Questions