May 25th Update

Cheerful Mural at Lava Ridge

Innovative Teaching & Learning Conference

In the spirit of continuous learning, the Innovative Teaching and Learning Conference is back this August.  Over 30 Bend-La Pine educators have offered to share the amazing work that is happening in their classrooms alongside national level presenters. We have lots of content specific sessions as well as sessions that cover some of the big ideas in education today.  We would love to have you sign up  here (go to the Sections tab part way down the screen) to select the day(s).  Credit is available for your attendance for both days.  

Math Happenings

Preparing for Report Cards
Forefront has amazing progress reports that you can download and print to share with families. Learn more here: Bridges Printable Progress Reports

Supporting English Learners

As this year’s ELPA (English Language Proficiency Assessment) results roll in, now is a great time to check in with your English learners’ teachers to see how your students have progressed and to learn more about appropriate expectations for reading, writing, listening and speaking at their current levels of English Proficiency.  Please ask your school’s language specialist (formerly known as the ELL teacher) for a copy of the ALD (Achievement Level Descriptors) document for the grade level you teach.

Social Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Question of the Week:

  • K-2: What is something that you have learned how to do this year?
  • 3-5: “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it from you.” -B.B. King What is something new that you have learned to do recently?  How did you learn it?

Connection Cards: K-2 and 3-5

Inclusive Practices

What are ways that students can be authentically included in your classroom? Check out the suggestions below!

WHY is inclusion important? (from the research) 

  • Inclusive practices result in better academic, social and emotional outcomes. 
  • Students have higher achievement of reading and math standardized scores when they are more engaged in the general education curriculum 
  • Student attendance improves when they are educated in inclusive settings -Students with disabilities who are educated in inclusive settings have improved work habits, enhanced self-confidence, increased willingness to take risks, and more on task behavior. 

(Cole et al., 2004; Cosier et al., 2013; Kurth & Mastergeorge, 2010; Sermier Sessemontet et al., 2012; Rea, Mclaughlin, & Walther-Thomas, 2002; Dore, Dion, Wagner, & Brunet, 2002; Foreman, Arthur-Kelly, Pascoe, & King, 2004; Waldron, McLeskey, & Pacchiano, 1999).

TOSA position

Internal job posting for Educational Technology TOSA. Closing Date: May 29th at 11:30pm. The Educational Technology TOSA will support the classroom application of instructional technologies and systems.

Summer Reading Ideas

Take a look at this recent blog post filled with ideas for summer reading from our district librarian! There are suggestions for kids, teens, and even adults too! Enjoy!  Summer Reading Ideas for 2022