June 1st Update

Literacy Happenings

Sign up for our summer and fall foundational skills courses now! Here is a list of our class offerings with all the details: descriptions of what to expect, credit opportunities, video showing how to sign up on performance matters … the works! Hope to see you there!

Summer Is a Great Time for Reading Adventures! Lexia’s Summer reading Bingo Challenge and Student choice boards are available in both English and Spanish. Students can boost their literacy skills all summer long with these fun activities. Have them go for five in a row, or try to fill the whole board.

What should I do with my Wonders curriculum as I start to organize my classroom for summer (ok, really more like … shove my stuff in the cabinets as I exit stage left)?

For now, please keep everything! I know folks are getting excited about the new materials heading their way AND we want to be VERY INTENTIONAL around what stays and what goes. We want to make sure there is no confusion where folks get rid of things they later regret.

During the upcoming trainings (shameless plug to sign up on performance matters), we will have documents that show all the pieces (including pictures) and make recommendations on what to keep and what to remove (and how to dispose of those items). For now, please keep everything!

BUT if you are chomping at the bit to get rid of one thing (for sheer enjoyment) it is safe to say you can remove your sound spelling cards from your walls.

If you decide to take those down, you can:

  1. Dispose of them at your building however you choose
  2. If they are a complete set and in amazing shape- contact Lindsley Gehrig first via email and let her know. She will be collecting some sets for other school districts in our area that use this curriculum. Do not ship them before contacting her first– they do not need 400 sets 🙂

Math Happenings

The 2022 Early Math Symposium – Free Virtual Symposium! Friday, June 24, 2022 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM pacific time. Register and find out more here

Oregon Math Leaders Conference August 5-6 at Linfield College. Register here.

Equitable and Mathematically Productive Engagement will August 10-12, 2 credits – register on Performance Matters and through OSU-Cascade if you want graduate credits.

How Math Teaching Matters will be August 17-19, 2 credits – register on Performance Matters and through OSU-Cascades if you want graduate credits.

Inclusive Practices Spotlight

Why Bend-La Pine Schools is shifting to a focus of INCLUSIVE PRACTICES -From the Excellence and Equity Review in 2019 

Connection, relationships, and opportunities are tied to student success. While some students are thriving, others feel isolated. In particular, students of color, LGBTQ+ students, and students with disabilities report experiencing prejudice, bullying, and a lack of understanding from some staff members. They feel our schools need more diverse staff, curriculum, and approaches to learning. Across all groups, students say that staff members who care make a positive difference. 

  • “I want my child to be authentically included, not accommodated.” family member, student with disabilities 
  • “I don’t feel safe and accepted here.” – student with disabilities

What are ways that students can be authentically included in your classroom? Check out these suggestions!

Social Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Fun Collaborations you can do in place of morning meetings or as a brain break.

K- 2: Create a Rainbow: Draw a rainbow with your buddy using only primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) Hint: primary colors can combine to make secondary colors. Materials: Paper, red, yellow, and blue crayons.

3 – 5: Backwards Scattergories: Make a list of items with your buddy that begin with the letter _, and fall under the category of ___ (e.g., animals, fruit, places) Materials: paper or white board, something to write with

More Collaborations: K – 2, 3 – 5

Follow up: Tell your buddy one way that you worked really well together.  

Conversation Cards for morning meetings: K – 2, 3 – 5