November 9th Update

Art from Miller

Other Info (Julie)

Thank you so much for all you are doing to implement our foundational skills curriculum (Really Great Reading).  It is not easy to learn new things and all of you are doing such a fantastic job of diving in.  I have visited many classrooms over the last few weeks and it is so fun to listen to the students using the academic vocabulary to describe what they are learning.  I love hearing kids say things like:  “that is a schwa,” or “no, that is not a digraph, that is a trigraph.”  So fun to see students moving forward in their learning.  Our students are already benefiting from this work!!  Thank you!

Literacy Happenings (Lindsley)

Are you ready to start using Playgrounds as an assessment tool with Really Great Reading?Here is a resource to walk you through setting it up through using the data in your classroom. Scroll through to find the information you need. Also reach out to your instructional coach to get this set up and started in your classroom.

Hey Kindergarten, no need to teach the letter Y anymore or p. 170 in Countdown! Only kidding! 
But the Y page did get left out of the handwriting practice books. Here it is and it has been added into the original packet. 

Also many Countdown TEs are missing page 170. Here is a copy of that page. The company has been contacted for any next steps.

Math Happenings (Kerry)

Free Items! Lots of free manipulatives that can be sent to your school! Check them out here.

Supporting English Learnings (Cate)

Providing time for students to think and process is important for all students but especially important for students who are still acquiring English.  Research indicates that allowing 5 to 15 seconds to process questions before students collaborate with others or to respond directly increases the number of students who engage while allowing students who are processing in two languages the time they need.  Give it a try in your classroom! 

Social Emotional & Mental Well-Being (Jennifer / Jenny)

Check out this great video on promoting self regulation in the classroom and meeting students where they are. We also have the Top 10 Trauma Responsive Practices from our wonderful Student Success Coaches.

In Harmony there are some lessons specifically about teaching students self regulation and calming strategies. 

Unit 1  – Being My Best Self – Lesson 4 is all about calming strategies for students
1st grade
2nd grade 
3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade

Movement Moment (Jenny)

Kidz Bop: Shake it Off
Kidz Bop: Shuffle
Jump! Song: Go Noodle
Roar! Music For Kids Go Noodle

Helping Kids Focus – Headspace
Astronaut Does Kids Yoga – Cosmic Kids Yoga
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Cosmic Kids Yoga
Learning to Bring Down Stress – Mindfulness Go Noodle

Fun Brain Breaks:
Yoga Freeze Dance – Video Game
Turkey Draw Fitness
Would You Rather Thanksgiving Fitness
Star Wars Yoga Freeze