November 8th Update

Artwork at Lava Ridge Elementary

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Literacy Happenings

3-5- Time to order your HD Word PLUS teacher resource pages for books 2 and 3!
Please fill out this form to order your book 2 and book 3 teacher resource pages. 

Vocabulary Playground Update and recommendation for HD Word PLUS use.
Vocabulary Playground is a recent addition to RGR Playgrounds. Vocabulary Playground helps students understand all aspects of a word: phonology, orthography, morphology and meaning. The words taught in the Vocabulary Playground are words that have been pulled directly from Countdown, Blast, and HD Word lessons and/or practice activities coming up in their core instruction. 

HD Word Plus does not have a unique Playground dashboard- it uses the Playgrounds from HD Word. So the words in Vocabulary Playgrounds do not correlate with HD Word PLUS. Therefore, we do not recommend using vocabulary Playgrounds in HD Word PLUS.

Math Happenings

DreamBox – Are you ready to dig into DreamBox growth data?  Here is a resource to help you get started.

Forefront Data – This is a good reminder of how to dive into student data in Forefront.

Social Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Wayfinder Resources for Community Connection Focus – Icebreakers: 
1st – 2nd
3rd – 5th

Community Connection
Greeting for K-52 – 4 – 6 – 8 Who do we appreciate? (student’s name), (student’s name)

Start with one student.  They will begin to move around the circle on the inside giving each student a “kind” high five.  While the student is walking around the circle giving high fives the class is chanting, “2 – 4 – 6 – 8 Who do we appreciate? (student’s name), (student’s name)!” When students are finished doing the chant for that person the next student can start going around the circle and the class can begin the chant for that person. You will do that for the entire class. Students love it when the teacher participates too. Remember to model a kind high five and one that is not kind. Also reiterate the importance of giving every student a high five and how it feels if someone is skipped or tricked.

Share Out: If you could choose somewhere in nature (beach, mountains, icecap, desert) where would you be? Why?

Group Activity – Students come up with a class name and then work together to build a class banner that can be kept up for the rest of the year.

Partner Up: Buddy airplane: Create a paper airplane with your buddy.  The catch is you can only use one of your hands and your buddy can only use one hand.  Put the other hand behind your back and work together to build the airplane.  Then test it out by flying it.

Movement Moment

Take a walk on your field – having students walk about the field with each other is a simple way to get fresh air, and connect with classmates.  Some days have students be with their partner of the week.

Medshield Kids Yoga – Under the Sea
Letter Freeze Dance
The Squirrel Run
Yoshi’s Island Chase
Turkey Draw Fitness

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