October 25th Update

Artwork by Ryan Shaffer’s 3rd grade class at Ponderosa Elementary

Important Information


The Seesaw logo will change on October 27. Please be assured that all other features will remain the same. You may want to give your families a heads up so that they don’t have any confusion or trouble finding the app on their devices. Here is a letter that has a link with resources you can use to familiarize your students with the new logo (if you’d like).

Other Information

Literacy Happenings

Would you like to view and give feedback on the finalist for the Language Arts curriculum for K-5?  You can view materials in buildings (entrance) during conferences on October 25, 26 and 27th.  
Access materials digitally here
Provide feedback here

Social Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Wayfinder: Directions to switch from English to Spanish on the app:

  1. ​Teachers: Click on your profile button at the bottom-left of your screen​. Students: Click on your profile button at the upper-right of their screen.
  2. Click on “Profile”
  3. Next to “Site and Waypoints Language,” select your language

Full directions plus a quick video how-to can be found here.

Wayfinder Resources for Community Connection: 
1st – 2nd
3rd – 5th

Community Connection

K – 1
Let the class know they will all be greeting each person. Point out to students the order you will be using. Lead the class in the following chant: “We are here. We are here. It’s an AWESOME day because [student’s name] is here!” Start the chant over again with the next student’s name. Continue until everyone has been greeted, includ- ing you.

2 – 5
Knock, Knock – Tell students that they will be using the phrase “knock, knock” in today’s greeting. Determine whether to have students sit or stand for the greeting and remind students that they should turn to face the direction of the speaker. 
One student (Amy) begins by turning and greeting the person next to them (Sam): 
Amy: “Knock, knock.” 
Sam: “Who’s there?” 
Amy: “Amy!” 
Sam: “Amy who?” 
Amy: “Amy Cruz!”
Sam: “Good morning, Amy Cruz!” 
Then Sam turns to the next student and says, “Knock, knock.” The greeting continues until everyone is greeted.

Share Out: What is something you can’t live without? Why?

Group Activity – Do the Wave in a large circle, one person begins by lifting their hands up into the air and bringing them back down, and is quickly followed by the next person, followed by the next (and so on), creating a “wave” around the circle.

Partner Up: MOVE IT, MOVE IT Face your buddy and jog, dance, or clap quickly while your buddy does the same thing slowly, then switch speeds with each other.

Movement Moment and Mindfulness

What is Courage? Guided meditation – Go Noodle
Be a Team Player. Guided meditation – Go Noodle
Breathing Exercises Cosmic Kids Yoga
Halloween Freeze Dance
Choice Fitness
Would you Rather – Disney Version

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