December 13th Update

Artwork from Three Rivers School

Other Information

Literacy Happenings

Updated information and assessments to support report card scoring can be found here: report card folder

  • Need a thinking-partner? Please reach out to your instructional coach to schedule time to discuss assessments and/or report cards.

3rd – 5th: Time to order your HD Word PLUS teacher resource pages for books 2 and 3! Please fill out this form to order your book 2 and book 3 teacher resource pages.

Social Emotional and Mental Well-Being

REMINDER: After completing a Wayfinder lesson, please mark a lesson/activity complete. This document shows you how to do this. Checking it off is part of a successful implementation and allows us to see which lessons/activities have been completed..

Wayfinder Direct Links to Community Connection Resources:

GreetingShare OutGroup Activity

Movement Moment

Grinch Brain Break 4 Corners
Brain Break Holiday Trivia Four Corners
Nutcracker Bucket and Movement Drumming
Freeze Dance #2 Coach Gelardi
Super Yoga Winter Wonderland
Nutcracker Cosmic Kids Yoga

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