January 11th Update

Mrs. DeGarmo’s 3rd Grade artists celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

Important Information

Call for Educator Network Day Proposals

February 28th is our next Educator Network Day!  Sharing our practice with other educators is a powerful form of professional learning. If you have a topic and ideas to share, please sign up to be a facilitator.  You will be paid 4 hours at curriculum rate for your planning and preparation.  More information and sign up here.

Other Information

The Elementary Curriculum and Instruction website has been updated to provide more relevant information and resources to you. If you are interested in these changes, check them out here!

Early Literacy Success Initiative – HB 3198

FYI….Early Literacy Success Initiative Grant submitted was presented to the school board for approval on January 9th. 

A team of teachers, administrators, specialists and coaches met a few times this fall to plan for the use of the grant funds over the 23-25 biennium.  The team relied on two documents to guide the vision and direction of how Bend La Pine will use the funds. 

  1. Oregon Literacy Framework
  2. Essential Practices in Early Literacy

The team identified areas of strength in our early literacy programs and areas for potential growth.  The allowable uses for grant funding are in the following areas:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Instructional Coaching
  3. Evidence-Based Curricular Materials 
  4. High Dosage Tutoring
  5. Extended Learning Programs

Here is the plan that will be presented to the school board on January 9th.  If you have questions, please reach out to Julie Walker

Language Arts Curriculum Adoption Update

The Language Arts Review Team (made up of 30 teachers, specialists, coaches and administrators) presented at the school board meeting on January 9th with a report on the adoption process and the recommendation of EL Education as our K-5 Language Arts Curriculum. The school board will take feedback for a month and then will take action at the February 13th board meeting.  Currently,  we have 30 teachers field testing materials and giving feedback on recommended professional learning.  Please reach out with any feedback or questions.

Literacy Happenings

K-12 Building a Strong Foundation for Lifelong Literacy Success: The Science of Reading through Eastern Oregon University

  • Eastern Oregon is offering a science of reading course. It is advertised as a ‘lighter’ version of the LETRS training. Read here to learn more about this opportunity. If you are interested in signing up please fill out this survey by the end of the school day on Tuesday, January 16th. There are limited seats. Please reach out to Lindsley Gehrig with any questions.  The cost of this training will be covered by Bend La Pine.  

Updated information and assessments to support report card scoring can be found here: report card folder

  • Need a thinking-partner? Please reach out to your instructional coach to schedule time to discuss assessments and/or report cards.

Social Emotional and Mental Well-Being

This week’s highlight is a lesson in compassion in Wayfinder

Directions on how to find the links in Wayfinder

Movement Moments

Helping Kids Focus – Headspace
Star Wars Yoga Freeze
Kidz Bop: Shuffle
Jump! Song: Go Noodle

Technology in the Classroom

Seesaw Monthly Newsletter

Food Chain art project by Ms. Light’s 5th grade class at Buckingham

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