May 1st Update

Spring art from La Pine Elementary

Literacy Happenings

Expeditionary Learning
Links and resources from Wednesday’s Expeditionary Learning launch. Please reach out to Lindsley Gehrig with any wonderings or feedback!

LETRS PD for 24-25 and 25-26


LETRS provides a professional learning course of study based in the science of reading for elementary educators. The course teaches the how, what, and why of literacy acquisition to improve instructional practice and achieve long-term systemic change in literacy instruction.

Please see this information page on detailed information about this class.

8 am – 3 pm  location TBD
Aug 26th (timesheeted) not required
Oct 17th (sub-release)
Dec 5th (sub-release)
Feb 20th (sub-release)
April 17th (sub-release)

Social Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Help students navigate the complexities of friendships with this collection of lessons and activities. It offers guidance on resolving conflicts and cultivating healthy and supportive friendships.

How to find the Collections in Wayfinder

Direct Links
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3 – 5

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