April 17th Update

Cityscape art from Lava Ridge

Summer/Fall Professional Development Opportunities

Sign up for summer/fall professional development opportunities! Go to this website and shop at the top of the page for the drop-down options. Sign up in UKG.  Please sign up by this Friday, April 19th.  We are in need of numbers in order to secure the right number of trainers for EL.  

Opportunities include but not limited to: 

  • K-5 LETRS literacy cohort
  • K-5 Best Practices in Teaching Equity-Oriented Mathematics Instruction
  • K-5 Expeditionary Learning trainings for elementary language arts (required)
  • National Board Certification Cohort

Social Emotional & Mental Well-Being

Flexible Thinking and Growth Mindset Collections

Develop students’ ability to think flexibly and adapt to new situations with this collection of activities and lessons. Through problem-solving activities, perspective-taking exercises, and cognitive flexibility tasks, students will learn to approach challenges with an open mind and consider multiple viewpoints. These resources foster resilience, creativity, and the ability to navigate change.

Directions on how to find the collection on Wayfinder

Direct Links
1st – 2nd
3rd – 5th

Movement Moments

What is Courage? Guided meditation – Go Noodle
Be a Team Player. Guided meditation – Go Noodle
Breathing Exercises Cosmic Kids Yoga
Choice Fitness
Would you Rather – Disney Version

Technology in the Classroom

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