February 24

RTI for SLD Identification- Over the last 6-8-10 years, BLP elementary schools have been working on effective EBISS implementation. Our work to implement a solid core curriculum, effective, research based interventions and systematic instruction has made a positive impact on learning for all students. In addition, our EBISS practices have laid the groundwork for using RTI to identify students with a specific learning disability.  Although we currently do everything necessary for identification using RTI, we have not yet made the switch. This final step to full RTI is something that will be happening over the next six months or so. It is an exciting prospect and will lead to a more efficient, effective and streamlined process for identification of students with a specific learning disability. TLC is currently working on a training plan and timeline. Be on the lookout soon for more info and details.

April District SIW- With the cancellation of District SIW in March, there will be a switch to the District SIW in April. On April 19th, “A Schools” (Lava Ridge, Jewell, Silver Rail, Buckingham, High Lakes, Pine Ridge, Elk Meadow, and Highland) will be required to attend one of the district options. “B Schools” are invited to attend with approval of their administrator.

Camp Tamarack- Earlier this year I shared that we would be developing some guidelines around our attendance at Camp Tamarack. The hope is to come up with a contract/agreement that the district would enter into with Camp Tamarack so that schools will not have to do it individually. We are making progress on this and will be meeting with attorneys next week to hopefully move closer to a finalized document. I will let you know when we have this completed and what it means to you and your school. Let me know if you have any questions.

Conferences- Just a reminder to let teachers know you are available or when you will be available to be at evening conferences. I would encourage you to especially reach out to new teachers who may not know to ask or feel comfortable asking for your support during any evening conferences. Thanks!

School Visits- Thanks to those of you who have already signed up for my next school visit. If you haven’t yet done so, here is the link.

Food for Thought- The following are some thought provoking quotes from Rick DuFour who passed away on February 8 after a long battle with lung cancer.

  • “If those within the school believe that the causes of student learning lie outside their spheres of influence – in the genes or social background of their students – school improvement efforts will be viewed as futile, if not ridiculous.”  (with Timothy Berkey, in Memo 146)
  • “Regardless of how ‘good’ a faculty may consider its school, for the parent whose child does not learn, the school has failed the child – 100 percent.”  (Memo 318)
  • “[T]here’s no such thing as a universally effective teaching strategy; the effectiveness of any given strategy can only be determined by evidence of its effect on student learning.”  (with Mike Mattos, in Memo 480)

Thank you for all you do to promote the belief that every one of our students can and will succeed. With that, I’ll leave you for the week and wish you a happy and relaxing weekend.





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