April 20

EBISS- It is time once again to sign up for EBISS interviews and complete the DIET. Half of schools will be done this year and the other half next year. Information on where interviews will be conducted and sign up google doc can be found here. Information about what the interview includes can be found here. This is great info around implementation and can serve as a guide/tool whether your school is having the interview or not. ORSIS Consumer Guide is a little info about staff survey and interpreting results. Please sign up ASAP if your school is on this year. Thank you.

Middle School Math Pathways- I’m linking three documents that will give you some information on math pathways for BLP middle school students. The first outlines our  guiding principals. The second is parent information. It is not recommended that you share this with all parents, but only those who ask for more information. The final piece outlines requirements for skipping a grade  in middle school. Kerry Morton can explain this information much better than I can if you have any questions.

Kindergarten- Kindergarten registration/ round up begins next Wednesday. As you have begun to think about next year’s kindergarten and approaches to the start that will help your new kinders adjust, I wanted to provide a few parameters for beginning kindergarten.

  • Every student needs to be in attendance by Friday. You may continue the slow start- 1/2 students Wednesday, 1/2 students Thursday- but all must attend by Friday. You are welcome to have all students every day. You don’t have to do the slow start.
  • Days that students are in attendance must be full days. We don’t want to cause a hardship or parents by releasing kinders early. While some parents may be fine with it and be able to pick up, others may not.
  • Other ideas? Do they fit the above parameters? Lots of possibilities. Call with any questions.

Kinder Design Team- As you know, there has been a group of 8 kinder teachers working together this year to begin exploring what implementation of the state’s new Early Learning Guidelines might look like in classrooms. This group has embarked on an action research project exploring the question, “Does purposeful, intentional instruction around social and emotional learning in a workshop model positively affect students’ academic and social emotional outcomes?” This work has been shared with other kindergarten teachers through formal, SIW’s and informally through word of mouth. I wanted to clarify a few ideas as we move into next year.

  • The work will continue through next year. Two of the 8 teachers  will not be teaching k next year so there may be a couple added to the group next year.
  • Kindergarten teachers not in the cadre of 8 are NOT required to adopt this approach at this time.
  • Principals are not required to rework their master schedule to accommodate this work. Principals should be flexible with these teachers knowing that they may take a different approach (i.e. they might not be doing 45 minutes of writing or 90 minutes of reading the third day of school as directed by the district agreements).
  • Principals are not required to buy a whole new set of furniture for these teachers.
  • Some of you may have heard about a ‘Kindergarten Camp’ approach to the opening of kindergarten. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. You are ok to work with your kindergarten team to reshape what the beginning of kindergarten looks like as long as you are within the parameters outlined above.
  • As the group continues to explore their question and learn about the implications of the new Early Learning Guidelines, we will do our best to communicate what has been learned. Any universal changes/directives should not be shared with you by one of your kinder teachers or one of the 8. If you hear of something ‘mandatory’ from a teacher, they are either jumping the gun or wrong. Call if you have any questions.

Teacher Candidate- George Fox is looking to place one teacher candidate (student teacher) in a BLP elementary school next year. The placement would be two sections- August to Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving to Spring Break. The two placements could be in the same or different classes. The candidate is currently a BLP classified employee whose principal gave me a thumbs up. Please let me know asap if you would like to place this person. Thank you.

Supply Lists- Just a reminder as we begin to think about next year to be cognizant and sensitive to the challenges many of our families face around supply lists. We have worked hard for several years to strip these down as much as possible. Many schools have had success with donations (of supplies or $ to purchase) and other creative strategies to relieve families of this burden. Thank you for your efforts.

Spanish Conversation Classes- We have the opportunity to offer Spanish conversation classes on Wednesdays next year for a very reasonable cost. The class would last about a term. These would be open to admin, certified and classified staff, with the opportunity for certified staff to earn credit at a low cost. I don’t know any other details. Please let me know by the end of next week if you or other staff members might be interested in taking this class.

New Teacher Day- Some work is being done to modify our “new teacher day” to create an even more memorable experience for the licensed staff who will be joining our district next fall. One of the tasks that Jim and I are working on is to create a list of possible items that a building principal would personally engage in or would support someone else in their building engaging in with a new hire. Through the lens of “how can I help create a ‘moment’ for this new teacher” would you please take a look at this very draft list of possibilities and add any that you have either done yourself, or might want to do in the future either with, or for, a new teacher? Thank you!


  • I’ve started permitting postings and hope to really be full swing by next week. Title is still up in the air, and as you know, it impacts our staffing a lot, so I am trying to make sure I don’t move forward on something that would be impacted with a drop in Title.
  • Silver Rail will be getting a VP this year due to continued growth and both the behavior programs (primary and intermediate). That position is being posted today and will close on May 4. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for 5/21.
  • Juniper interviews will be next Thursday.

I think that is all for this week. Make sure you get outside and enjoy the next week of beautiful weather!


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