August 10

This week is always the wake up call that says it’s go time. Thank you for your enthusiasm, positive attitudes and focus during all of the meetings this week. I tell people all the time that I am really fortunate to work with such a great team of administrators at the elementary level. That belief was reinforced during all of our time together this week. Thanks for being so good and so dedicated at such a challenging job. As we move forward, let’s remember to help, be there for each other, and keep reminding ourselves to have some fun.

School Visits-I will be attempting to get to each of your schools during the first three days of school in September. I know it’s busy, so don’t worry about stopping if you are in the middle of something. No agenda, just to say hi.

Please sign up here for a September/October site visit, which will be an update for me on your school design plan and, as usual, anything else you want to discuss.

Title Allocation-As I have shared many times, last year our final Title allocation in August was $125K less than the initial allocation given to us in spring.  The normal difference between initial and final has historically been around $5K plus or minus. Needless to say, last year was a shock, so this year we tried to plan for another shock and kept $110K back to provide a cushion to help absorb any reduction. Well…we received our final allocation and they are really trying to stretch our budgeting skills. Our spring to August reduction from the state this year is (drum roll) $231,000!!! (I added the exclamation points-they did not include the exclamation points when they sent this to us, but I think they should have). The total this year is $23,000 less than last year. JoAnne and I are going to try to adjust the budgets, include the $110K that we held back, add in some carry over and get you all as close as possible to being able to keep your staffing plans the same. We hope to have it complete early next week. Next year we’ll hold back “one million dollars” and hope for the best. I’m only half joking.

JoAnne will come to each site to go over Title budget doc with your office manager and/or you. Please sign up here for a date/time. Pink squares are NOT available.

Staffing/Enrollment- I will be watching enrollment daily from this point forward. Please be sure to enter any new students promptly. Elementary was about 300 below projections as of this past Monday. Before assigning the last two FTE’s, I will need to factor in all-district enrollment, total school enrollments, grade levels and staffing at each school. As I mentioned, it will be a game of wait as long as possible to make it the best placement as possible without waiting too long. Call anytime with questions.

I’m going to keep it short today. I will hopefully send out a schedule of leadership and horizontal meetings next week. A small team here at the ed center is meeting Wednesday to determine leadership dates which will help me finalize horizontal dates.

Thank you again for a great week. Thanks to Vanessa for the great pics of our Tuesday meeting and thanks to Tim B. for sharing his pic! Have a great weekend.




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