May 17

Calendars/Schedules- Please find August admin inservice schedule and certified work calendar for the 2019-2020 school year. Let me know if you have any questions.

Self Evals- Please be sure to complete your self eval and schedule a time to meet with me. There are still several of you who have not yet scheduled. Thank you.

2 Hour Office Staff- This past year we were able to use Title IV money to provide elementary schools with enough funding to hire a 2 hour office support person. We emphasized that we could not commit to providing that for more than this year. Our Title IV money is less this year. In addition, last year’s positions began after the start of the school year so the cost was less than an entire year.  The cost to provide these for a full year will be almost double the amount we spent this year. Each of these 2 hour positions will cost approximately $8500 for a full year. We realize how important these have been to you and are working on figuring out a way to provide at least a portion of that position for schools. I am hopeful to be able to let you know soon how much of that $8500 we will be able to provide. In the meantime, know that we recognize the need and are trying our best to provide.

New Teacher Day-  I’m sure you are all familiar with “National Signing Day” for high school seniors. What started out as a revelation of where a student-athlete would be attending college has increasingly become a celebration of continuing a young person’s educational (academic) journey. This fall, our traditional day for welcoming new certified staff to our district might become known as “Teacher Signing Day” – in recognition of welcoming and honoring new certified employees to BLS.  In order to help with this day, we are asking you to do two things:

  1. Please have new teachers complete this form and return it to you. The form is a template and you will need to change a few things (like school name) before you send. You will choose the answer to ONE of the questions to share in your introduction of that teacher on new teacher day.
  2. Provide one piece of school ‘swag’ (t-shirt, water bottle, coffee mug, lanyard, etc.)  to your new staff member during introductions.

We are hoping for this to be an exciting way for us to welcome our new teachers this fall.

Equity- Thank you for your input and discussion on equity at our horizontal meeting on Monday. This summary and executive summary that Dave V. recently shared with cabinet captures the importance of our focus on equity. Worth the read.

I will be at Ross Greene all day Today. You can reach me on my cell or by email. Have a great weekend.

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