April 10

Dan shared this video that does a great job of illustrating how many of us feel right now.

Here’s a fun way that Jen is connecting with families at Miller. Thanks, Jen!


Connecting with families- Amazing work connecting with your families. There are about 8,120 students enrolled in BLP elementary schools and we have had contact with all but 28 since our distance learning roll out went live on April 1! That’s 99.7%- an A+ in most grade books. We know there are students who have packets or ipads who are not maintaining regular contact with teachers. That will be our next step. How and what will we do to get those students engaged? Great work and thank you for your efforts!

From Lora- Elementary Team-Gary sent me the information today that for our entire elementary school population, we have only 28 on the “unable to contact” list. I am well aware that many students/families you HAVE contacted are facing huge challenges right now, but I am so grateful for our caring staffs and their outreach efforts. You all rock!

Kindergarten Registration/round up- I’m working on a plan that I will get approval for sometime next week. I will roll it out to you during our horizontal meetings or in the blog next week.

Report Cards/Grades- I wouldn’t spend much (if any) time worrying about this right now. We will have a plan to share in the coming weeks. The goal will be to make it practical, realistic given our current circumstances, simple for teachers to complete and valuable information for parents.

Bridges Materials- As i shared in our horizontal meetings, Bridges has prepared a lot of materials to help teachers and families continue learning. Links below. please share with teachers. You may have trouble logging in, but your teachers should not. I’ll check to see if you can get login info if you want.

Bridges Remote Learning Packets

Bridges Math At Home Resources

Between the Bridges materials and Dreambox, math should be pretty thorough and simple to plan.

District Guidelines- When the district guidance Google doc is updated, we’ll try and remember to share with you when those updates occur and what they deal with. Here is your first update:

  • Under #5…A new document, an FAQ from Sean and his team about SPED, has been added as a separate document.
  • Under # 1 and #2…We pulled docs out about high school grading and graduation.  Have not replaced those with updated content yet.
  • Under #7…We added some content about how to access Google Voice when using your personal phone to mask your number and set up another number.  We included a link about that.

From Alandra re: Social Media-

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: We are seeing an uptick in digital communication and many schools and staff creating new social media accounts. Quick reminder that staff members who wish to create a professional social media account need to check in with Alandra Johnson. She has some important guidelines and tips to share about using social media while representing our schools. Send an email to [email protected] (She is also glad to hear from those who have already created accounts and now want to make them official.)
  2. RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES: When sharing community resources with families, be sure to use our district pages, which are updated, vetted and approved (many are also translated):

Families in Need also Familias necesitadas (Spanish)

Student Mental Health


Información (resources in Spanish)

FAN Update from Dana-

  • Talk to your FAN Advocate about assigning a classified staff member to help with outreach.  Some schools have done this and it has helped lessen the load for the FAN Advocate. 
  • We will be conducting our Spring MAC Survey the week of April 20.  Mara Stephens and the FAN Advocates will get information out to staff.  Mara has also recorded a training that can be viewed by staff members that need to complete the MAC training. 
  • Please remind staff that if they hear of families that are now homeless, we need to get them counted.  Connect with your FAN Advocate so she can follow up.
  • There is a district team that is working to identify locations where students are not able to access the Grab and Go lunches.  Look for information in the days to come about expanded food delivery locations.
  • FAN Advocates are collecting names for the Hot Spots.  Dana, Ben and Skip continue to coordinate with Bend Broadband to get connectivity up for those that apply.  Hot Spots will be coming soon, and a plan for distribution will follow also.  
  • Please take a minute to reach out and thank your Advocate.  They are all working incredibly hard and are doing everything they can to connect students and families to services.  
  • If you feel there is an unmet need, please don’t hesitate to email or call Dana Pedersen.  

From Hayley E for Behavior Support- Our team of amazing Behavior Coaches have organized a user-friendly tool for parents. The tools in this resource- schedules, ready/not ready, and break routines- are tools that we use when coaching across the district (so students may/will be familiar). All the links are set for Anyone with the link can view.

Behavior Coaching Tools: For Parents & Families

Outreach Google Survey- At this time we will not be having you do the outreach google doc that I referenced in our horizontal meetings. Your ELL and FAN are coordinating to help with much of what was referenced in Dana’s notes above.

SPED info- Sean will be sharing this letter with SPED staff and families. Please reach out to sped staff to discuss questions or specifics about your school.

From Scott Bojanowski Re: SRO’s- During this morning’s safety meeting, we had some questions from school administrators about our SROs and if they will continue to service our schools now that school buildings are closed for the remainder of the school year. I talked with our SRO supervisors at Bend PD and Deschutes County Sheriff’s office today. 
The SROs will be on patrol duty during the weekdays, but they are still available to assist school administrators when needed.  As always if there is an emergency, please call 911 to get law enforcement assistance ASAP.
Jimmy Krauger (Summit HS) and Amy Ward (Bend HS) will be working patrol Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Scott Schaier (Middle Schools/Marshall HS) and Erik Ammon (MVHS) will be working Tuesday – Friday 8:00 – 6:00 pM on patrol.  I did not receive specific shift times for Deputy Bryan Morris is South County, but he will be working during the weekdays.
The SROs will continue to try and help serve meals at the designated school sites, and will be available for school administrators to call or email with support requests (i.e. welfare checks on students, vandalism reports, etc.).

I’ll end with the reminder to be flexible. I’ll be flexible with you, you be flexible with teachers and teachers be flexible with students and parents. As Dan shared at the start of today’s blog, we’re building the plane as we go and things might not always work as planned. A little grace, forgiveness and understanding will go a long ways in making it fly! Take care of yourselves and go out and get some vitamin D this weekend!


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