Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Teams is a collaboration tool by Microsoft. It can be used for group chat, individual chat, file sharing, screen sharing and more. Since Teams is integrated with Microsoft 365, every Bend-La Pine Schools staff already has access to use it. If you’ve used services such as Slack or Google Hangouts, this is fairly similar.

You can access Microsoft Teams a few different ways.

  1. The Teams desktop app can be downloaded via Self Service on Macs or at for Mac and Windows.
  2. Teams can be used in a web browser at
  3. Teams can be downloaded on your Bend-La Pine Schools iPad using Self Service

It is up to you if and how you use Teams. Those of us who have been using it have found the chat feature helpful for the back and forth communication that takes place during a work day in the absence of our normal office and work environments. Do take note of the notification settings available in the desktop app as they can help identify when messages are waiting.

Your school’s IT tech can provide more information on how and why you might want to use Teams.

About Amy Tarnow

Amy Tarnow has been with the Bend-La Pine Schools since 2000, and is currently serving as the Assistant Director of Instructional Technology. As a former classroom teacher and a mother of two young children, her goal is to support all teachers in creating relevant, personalized and connected learning opportunities that help all students succeed both in education, and their lives beyond the classroom.

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