I’ve mentioned a few times about wanting you to “meet” with your staff on March 30 – oftentimes alluding to the use of Webex as a platform for doing so. I want to make it clear that you do not have to use Webex, or another video-based platform to conduct this all-staff meeting. What you will be sharing in this initial meeting is very important for alleviating the stress that many on your staff have been feeling over this past week (or longer) and will set the tone for the days that follow. Feel free to consider other means to communicate (i.e. slide presentation, detailed email, a combination of written material followed by smaller group Webex meetings, etc.) at that initial meeting. One concern with using Webex with your entire staff at the initial meeting is the possibility of frustration and missed connection due to technological issues from first-time use from all (most) of your staff. Let me know prior to March 30 if you’d like to problem-solve this with me. ________________________________________________________

Please read over this teacher expectation page prior to March 30. Share with your staff as appropriate. _________________________________________________________

Here is a letter that you likely have (or will soon) receive from the district on Friday, March 20. This is another great one to read as it has up-to-date answers (as we know them today). ___________________________________________________________

Yesterday Stephen sent you a Google doc he created around the sharing of ideas for non-teacher position work task ideas. I see some great ideas in here already – thank you for those who have already added their thoughts. This link will also be shared with elementary and high school admin today, so look for the sharing of ideas to grow! _________________________________________________________

One thing you each need to have a plan for – and communicate to your families – is a process for them to come collect necessary materials (i.e. iPad, and/or other instructional materials) that are currently at school. Here is what we are asking: 1) Complete this document for your school no later than Monday, March 30. (MS are listed on the second tab at the bottom.) 2) Provide as much detail as necessary about what you want parents to hear about your process, as our Latino Liaisons will be recording a bi-lingual message for you using the information you provide. On Tuesday (3/31) your building’s message will be sent home to your parents (thanks to our Liaisons) via Synervoice.


One of the resource pages we ask you to share with and go over with your staff on Monday, March 30 is this district Continuation of Learning Plan. Think of this document as the foundation on which we are building our instructional model for as long as our schools are closed. The first page provides a quick philosophical overview for teaching/learning during school closure, as well as a number of hot links to other sections of this document. (One of the embedded hotlinks takes you to a Remote Learning Tools page – please highlight this resource as well.) Please read and be familiar with this document and other embedded links found within its pages – as you will likely be asked questions about it from your staff. Please do not share this document to staff prior to your meeting on March 30. __________________________________________________________

I’ve started creating a “COVID 19” folder for you to find various documents related to this pandemic. You can access this folder from the hotlink at the top of the blog, or in the TRIBE folder in Google docs. One of the documents you’ll find here is a page of links. My thinking is that I’d like for you to have one spot where you will be able to find all pertinent web links (rather than having to search for them). Feel free to add to this list as you have need.

Here is a message that Sean sent out to SPED staff yesterday. I thought it was worth you seeing and being aware of it as well. _________________________________________________________

Between March 30-April 3, ELL Specialists will contact all multilingual families, to gauge who needs delivery of materials out to home/neighborhood. _________________________________________________________

As you know, you each have specific FTE allotted to you for the new “BRYT” program beginning next fall. Part of this new FTE is for a certified counselor/mental health or social worker, which we are calling the Secondary Student Success Clinician. Here is the job description for this position. (The job description for the classified position you’ve been allotted is still being finalized – but I’ll share it when it is complete.) _________________________________________________________

I’m hearing great stories of teachers videoing read alouds and the like. Please share these guidelines from publishers as some titles are off-limits._____________________________________________________

Updates regarding postings: For now, we are holding on posting any classified openings across the district. Also, if you believe your staffing plan is complete, please let me know and I’ll look it over prior to approving any certified postings (that you will submit to HR). __________________________________________________________


All staff (except possibly nutrition and transportation) will be reporting for work on Monday, March 30. Reminder, this does not mean they must come to your building – they may report in from home.

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