Here is an article by Lori Gottlieb that was published this week in the New York Times, entitled: Grieving the Losses of Coronavirus. I thought this was a good article that is pretty real about our current situation, as well as a reminder of how important our words are with others (holding the power to support and empathize, or to disregard… without intending to). ______________________________________________________

I heard from Cate Hill yesterday that Rosetta Stone is currently being offered for free. If you or your World Language teacher is interested in learning more, please reach out to Cate for more information. ______________________________________________________

There has been some media coverage around the potential for abuse of youth to increase during this time of stay at home isolation. Because students are not coming to school, the number of referrals for abuse has already seen a large drop in Deschutes County. In an effort to simplify the process for making a DHS/Law Enforcement referral, would you please remind your staff that they are still mandatory reporters, and share this link to the reporting form in the Portal, where a new fillable form can also be completed and sent to Ellen Jones (see below). ________________________________________________________

We have heard a few times from parents regarding a request for a bit more identification when receiving emails. As you can imagine, emails from school staff are coming fast and furious lately and parents are not always able to identify the school or course that the correspondence is coming from (especially if there are more than one secondary-aged child in the home). Would you please pass this request on to your teachers: When sending an email to family/student, please put school initials (e.g. CMS, HDMS) and course title (e.g. ELA 7, Math 8) in the subject line. It sounds like this would help alleviate some of the anxiety around learning from home. Thanks!


I wanted to follow-up with you regarding a couple of questions that were asked about this week: 1) Are there Webex student guidelines? Answer: Yes. They can be found on this page, and they will be shared with you as part of the BLS Guidelines that you’ll receive later this afternoon. (They’ll be in folder #7 – Student Connectivity). 2) Are there any instructions for temporarily “expelling” a student from a Webex? Answer: Yes. This is in a few spots. Here are written instructions, here is a video, and here is a short video (54 sec.) mentioned again a bit later in today’s TRIBE. Seriously, probably a good idea to check out all of these links if you haven’t already seen them. 3) Courier to schools once a week? Answer: Yes. Actually, I learned/confirmed that there is still daily courier service continuing, so your mail is being picked up every day (even if you didn’t know it was). If you don’t believe this is happening, please let Terry Cashman know. __________________________________________________________

As you likely are aware, Jody McBride has resigned from her position in our office and will be moving to the LA area where her husband accepted a job. Just prior to school closures we had interviews to fill her position (and prior to our hiring freeze) and am thrilled to have Ellen Jones hired to fill this spot. Some of you “old-timers” may know this name as Ellen worked at CMS for five years, about ten years ago. It is a bit awkward to begin a new job that supports schools when there are no kids in them, but I wanted you to know Ellen’s name and know that you can reach out to her via email if you have any needs that she may be able to help with. __________________________________________________________

As I believe you are aware, spring conferences have been canceled and we will have school all that week (though it will obviously look a little different). Let me know if you have any questions related to this. ________________________________________________________

Here is a quick (54 sec.) tutorial on some things to know when getting started with Webex. It will likely answer some questions you’ve had, possibly inform you of a new trick or two, and likely worth sharing with your staff. __________________________________________________

As you know, directives from ODE changed on Monday evening around how instruction would be viewed and graded. Here is the ODE’s new language around Learning for All – full document, as well as Learning for All – Summary which contains the highlights. __________________________________________________________

We need to make a change to how we request translations–please share this important information with your staff.  (HDMS, the following message does not apply to you, as you are piloting the new software.) Currently, our protocol is to email Jody McBride with requests to translate written documents.  All status checks or updates to existing translator/interpreter requests also get emailed to Jody McBride.  

Effective immediately and for the remainder of the 19-20 school year, please send all document translation requests or status checks/updates to Ellen Jones: [email protected].  

As a reminder: documents for translation should be emailed in an editable file format (directly to Ellen Jones); requests for interpreters for meetings/events go through the Interpreter Request Form (link on the Portal).  This might be a good time to review our district’s Language Access Plan.   ______________________________________________________

The Print Shop staff is monitoring orders remotely and staff will come in and continue to print them as needed. Orders are delivered to sites as well as mail through our normal distribution system. If staff have any questions on particular print shop orders they can email Brian @  [email protected] __________________________________________________________

Here is a PD available online (occurring on April 14) that focuses on how schools might make SEL work at their site. More information can be found here. _______________________________________________________


Don’t forget to join the MS admin leadership meeting that will happen at 11:00 this coming Monday. Jay sent out an agenda and Webex invite earlier this week. _____________________________________________________

You can enroll new students with a starting date of March 13. Let me know if you’d like any additional information regarding this. __________________________________________________________

As appropriate, remind your staff about required social distancing – even when at school. Along with this, and if appropriate, please remind staff that if their child(ren) come to school with them that they should remain in a confined space (i.e. classroom) rather than roaming around.

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