As you know, May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to celebrate our classroom teachers, counselors, school nurses, and other certified staff members. Whether serving in person or remotely, we know these staff members care deeply about our students and this is a great opportunity to share our thanks! Please share the following information related to honoring our employees with your students and families:

Please share a quick video, drawing, or photo saying thanks on Bend-La Pine Schools’ fun new webpage and we will share with our community to help our educators feel celebrated and appreciated.  Share your stories here __________________________________________________________

Please share this with your front office/registrar/counseling folks: When you receive enrollment inquiries/paperwork (incoming K – 12th) from a multilingual family, please continue to follow our Welcome Center protocol.  During the closure, that basically means: reach out right away to the Welcome Center (x6824 or [email protected]).  Our team will help complete paperwork if needed, conduct our multilingual family intake process (including explaining the deferral of proficiency testing, and access to services in the meantime), and will reach out to school staff with any follow-up at the conclusion of that process.  Feel free to email Kinsey with questions.


The HDESD is hosting a webinar series (along with Studer Education) related to becoming resilient leaders. The first installment in this series will take place next Tuesday afternoon and you can sign up for it here. Once you sign up then you will receive an email with a video conference link. ___________________________________________________________

The business office has recently updated the conversation calculator for the 2020-21 school year. This is the tool you’ll use for converting classified hours into certified FTE, or vice-versa. I think I have double-checked your staffing plans to make your numbers are correct for next year, but feel free to check my math! __________________________________________________________

This year, we are getting creative with the production of our annual Family Handbook and Calendar, which is mailed home to families before the start of each school year. For the 2020-21 calendar, we are inviting students to submit artwork and photographs to be featured. Alandra is sharing this opportunity district-wide, but we also would like to invite teachers to share this opportunity with students (elementary classroom teachers, art teachers, photography teachers, or anyone interested!).

The theme is #BLSproud. What makes you proud to be part of your school or your school district? Share a piece of artwork or a photograph that conveys that sentiment.

Deadline: May 25, 2020

Students can use this link to submit artwork.

Questions? Contact Alandra __________________________________________________________

Remote learning has been our new normal for about a month now – and a number of great things have occurred during this time; including seeing our amazing classified, certified, and administrative staff being creative, collaborative, resilient, forgiving, and patient. We’ve heard the metaphor before about building a plane while it is flying – and that is truly how this process has felt at times. Thank you for your leadership and guidance during this time of charting a new path. ___________________________________________________________


I’ve sent this out a few weeks ago, but wanted to have it easily accessible to you again if you are in the midsts of planning material pick-up at your site: Please review this guidance for materials distribution and pick up. This document is shared on behalf of your schools’ nurses and is an excerpt from a longer document produced by the National Association of School Nurses. Consider having EAs (or other available staff) help with the process of not only material distribution, but also summer room prep.  __________________________________________________________

We’ll meet again next Thursday as a MS Horizontal group.

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