After reading the following district guidance around fundraising, please touch base with me if you have any questions. There is not an expectation that you share this with your staff, but feel free to do so if you think it would be helpful… As we navigate COVID-19 and the impacts to our communities and families in the district this spring and summer, we are asking that principals use discernment around any fundraising being considered by schools and programs.  We are not putting a stop on all fundraising at this time.  There is some acknowledgment that some schools or programs may have long-term projects in process and other unique considerations that may warrant fundraising.  However, in general, we are asking that we do little to none of the typical fundraising that we would do in these weeks and months to come.  Out of respect for our families and businesses, now does not seem to be the time to be asking them to contribute to fundraisers.  If there are unique circumstances around a specific fundraising project that you would like approval to do prior to the fall of 2020, please seek approval from your level leader before doing so. _________________________________________________________

Please take a look at this one-page summary that Kinsey has put together for schools as a follow-up regarding the Multi-Lingual Family Survey that she shared results of last week during our Horizontal meeting. Note the “responses” at the bottom of the page to make sure your part of this is communicated and completed (on an ongoing basis). _________________________________________________________

Check out this video montage from HDMS staff to students. Pretty creative and fun! I love sharing what our MS are doing to stay connected with students. If you’ve/your staff has done something to reach out to students (and don’t mind me sharing it with your peers) please send it to me and I’ll include it in TRIBE. __________________________________________________________


National Board certification recruitment has begun!  Heather and Michele, working alongside OEA and TSPC, have 3 virtual recruitment sessions set for May.  If you have teachers who are interested in pursuing National Board, please share the OEA flyer that is in this google folder.  There are also several resources available for you.  Teachers who are “shoulder tapped” by an administrator are more confident and eager to grow their professional learning in this way and become teacher leaders in their buildings.

Three key points of information:  

1) HB2763 will reimburse teachers for the cost of certification once they certify 

2) OEA has a grant to support teachers of color and novice teachers (first 5 years) in their pursuit of NB certification

3) MidOregon Credit Union is offering zero-interest loans for our candidates in order to support the upfront cost. ___________________________________________________________

I just registered for this webinar, thinking the topic sounded important – but not knowing if the presentation will be well done or not. Thought I’d pass it along to you, just in case you might be interested too…

COVID-19 and School Mental Health: Heading Back to School
Tuesday, May 19th from 2:00-3:00 PM EST 
As we plan for returning to school after many weeks away, students and staff will be introduced to a new normal. How will districts’ efforts in addressing student mental health pick up where they left off, and how might they be different? 
Join us for a webinar as we discuss:
* What to expect when students are restarting their school routines
* How professional development can prepare staff for welcoming students
*Strategies to share with families for adjusting back to school

Here is one to add to your calendars… with more to come as we get closer to August:

The regional Culture of Care Coaches are hosting a 2-day training with  Jim Sporleder (Paper Tigers) on August 20-21.

  • Day 1 is designed for a broad overview message about restorative justice and creating a culture of care.  This is open to anyone.
  • Day 2 is designed for building administrators and leadership teams to go deeper.

This was planned prior to the COVID closure and we are still hoping for an in-person training.  However, we understand the format may need to change based on ODE and OHA guidance. ________________________________________________________

The HDESD is excited to share the Paraeducator Professional Development webpage, compiled by the Culture of Care Coaches. For leaders and administrators, there is a catalog of opportunities at the top of the page, that allows you to view the comprehensive list of PD in the event you want to plan and organize specific content for certain programs/staff.  In addition, there is a Professional  Development Reflection Document that can be used by staff.  All of the content in this Paraeducator PD webpage is then divided into categories on the webpage, with a variety of resource links/videos for paraeducators to access.  It will be updated weekly with new resources/links.  ___________________________________________________________

Our district is partnering with the University of Oregon, the HDESD, and The Center on a grant that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently awarded to the Psychology Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT) at the University of Oregon. This project was “awarded a 4-year, $2.2 million cooperative agreement to study an established Return to School program for students with traumatic brain injury. The study will compare health, academic and social outcomes of children and youth with brain injury who are served by the Central Oregon TBI (COR-TBI) team model with comparison school districts in Washington and Ohio.” Tami Pike and Katie Legace are the lead contacts in the district for this project. As the logistics of this work develop and become more clear, they will be connecting with building administrators about the role of the schools (this will mostly involve communication and data assistance with your school nurse and attendance secretary) in the project. To support our continued learning about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), information located on the HDESD website provides a wealth of information about concussions. ___________________________________________________________


Don’t forget Mother’s Day is this Sunday! ___________________________________________________________

We’ll be having a Leadership meeting via Webex next Tuesday morning at 9:00. Shay will be sharing a budget update. We will NOT be meeting as a Horizontal group next Thursday. ___________________________________________________________

Please remind your staff to adhere to social distancing if/when they need to come to your school building. This includes cleaning out their classrooms, preparing or distributing work packets, or other essential functions. Additionally, make alternative plans for any staff member who may need to come to school, but should not due being in an at-risk category.

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