Principals, please send me a copy of your Leave Sheet from 4/20/20 – 5/17/20 by Monday (when I have to turn it in to the Business Office). I have two so far… ___________________________________________________________

Add August 11 to your calendar – this will be the date of our Leadership Retreat in the fall. This fall’s event will NOT include ICCL members. _________________________________________________________

I’ve shared this general link previously, but I wanted to share (and hope you take time to listen to) this 20 minute talk by Dr. Bruce Perry on the topic of decision fatigue. Dr. Perry shares some ideas that will likely make you think about leading in our current situation, as well as how to best lead and make decisions after things return to normal. _________________________________________________________


We will NOT be meeting as a Horizontal group next Monday (5/18) afternoon. This had been our last regular Horizontal meeting for the year (pre-COVID). ___________________________________________________________

A couple of follow-up items regarding iPads that I want to circle back with you on. First, Skip is working on a written communication regarding iPads that you will be able to share with staff and families. This should be ready next week. In the meantime, feel free to share with your staff that we are not planning on having an iPad turn-in at the end of this year. Second, Skip said he’d be modifying the iPad insurance coverage to include the summer months. And lastly, Skip is in agreement that the full weight of iPad replacement (if it is needed) should not fall on schools due to kids keeping them over the summer. We hope to not pass these costs on to the building budget as much as possible. ___________________________________________________________

There will NOT be a district-wide Welcome Back (for all district staff) this fall. ___________________________________________________________

The only hiring that is currently approved is for ICCL team members whose contracts are up this year. Be sure to follow a process for hiring that includes: notifying all of your certified staff about the number of openings and the deadline for applying, verifying they have submitted their paperwork to HR and selecting your interview team, and interviewing all candidates. ________________________________________________________

I think I shared some info with you a few weeks ago regarding a COSA-sponsored virtual meeting on the topic of “transitions” from 5th to 6th and 8th to 9th. Here is a link to the recording of that meeting. When I listened to it, there was some sharing of ideas around what schools are doing (I like our plan!) and a lot of questions around what school in the fall might look like (we have some of the same questions ourselves). It is just over an hour in length and like a typical meeting, wanders off topic every now and then. __________________________________________________________


No MS Horizontal on Monday, but we will plan on meeting in my Webex room on Thursday afternoon at 2:00. There may even be a spontaneous challenge – so be ready for that!

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