The summer iPad communications are complete and ready for you to share with your families (via communication going out from school) and students (if teachers want to share it with their students). The district will also advertise this information in a variety of ways. This letter contains hotlinks embedded, so please share this Word version (rather than PDF). Here is the Spanish version; and the English version. NOTE: If a parent does not want to keep their student(s) iPad over the summer, we are not advertising this but, please be accommodating by allowing them to return it to your school for retention until the start of next year. _____________________________________________________

Here is a short article out of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics from Santa Clara University entitled “How to build empathy in children.” This article puts a spotlight on psychologist Michele Borba – who was highlighted in a recent webinar by Character Strong (that you may have also received a link from Lisa about last week). I’ve done some digging and found both of these worth learning more about – especially these free resources.


As you are aware, and likely have heard about since, the state provided an economic forecast earlier this week. Even before it was presented, we knew it wasn’t going to be pretty due to the economy slowing way down due to the pandemic. We just didn’t know how bad it was going to be. What we heard is that, although not pretty, it could have been worse news. The hole wasn’t as deep as some were projecting, and there is still a major lifeline that could come into play via a special session with the legislature. It is sounding like such a session would not take place until about mid-June, at which time we’ll have a much clearer picture of what K-12 funding will be. ________________________________________________________

Speaking of unknowns, here is an article from AP on the reopening of South Korean high schools to their seniors. While we don’t know what our fall will look like, this read shed some like for me to think about the fact that our start will likely require some “outside the box” thinking from us. If you read the article, also take a few moments to click through the five photos. _______________________________________________________

Connected to the opening up of schools, here is a small excerpt from ODE’s most recent guidance for summer – start of school 2020-21. (I’ve shortened it down to what you might think is most important… you’re welcome. 🙂 ) If you are wanting to read the entire document, you can find it here. ______________________________________________________

Here is a link to more information and registration to a webinar on June 4 around the topic of exploring strategies for supporting the social and emotional needs of students amidst COVID-19 school closure/re-opening. I have shared this with your counselor(s) already. _______________________________________________________

Dean Richards will be supporting secondary schools next year as the “Secondary Coordinator of Professional Learning and Instructional Design.”  In this role he will be working on secondary multi-tiered systems of support, coordinating professional learning across the secondary system and supporting administrators on building instructional needs.  Dean says, “I’m excited to be able to work with principals on instructional systems and school design plans to support student learning.” _________________________________________________________

I let you know last week that our fall Leadership kick-off will occur on August 11 – and that ICCL members would not participate this year. A question then came up regarding whether Deans/Student Services should attend. Yes, these folks are invited and may attend if they would like (but it is not required). __________________________________________________________

This might be a short video (just over 1:00 in length) you’d want to share with students and parents ( your librarian/media manager should have already seen it). The video is a quick tutorial on how a student can see what they have checked out of your library. [I swiped this from the PCMS blog last week – thanks Lisa!] ___________________________________________________________

It was decided this week, based largely on the summer guidance sent out from the state last Friday, that our Extended School Year (ESY) will be conducted via a distance learning format – students and staff will not enter our buildings over the summer for this program. ___________________________________________________________


Next Monday is Memorial Day… enjoy the holiday! ___________________________________________________________

We will not have a MS Horizontal Webex next Thursday (5/28) at 2:00.

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