Please plan on mailing home report cards at the end of this school year. I am sorry I haven’t had better communication on this prior to now. Even though the grading options are only P/NG, we need to communicate with parents regarding this final term grades. This is also an opportunity for teachers to add a comment and make sure parents see these. Let me know if you have any questions on why these need to be mailed home, but know that I strongly believe this is an opportunity to over-communicate and connect, rather than under-communicate and make assumptions with families. _______________________________________________________

Beginning now, and prior to next fall, please take a look at your School Design Plan, while considering the following questions: Are these the goals we’ve been focusing on as a school community? If not, what has gotten in the way? How might these goals need updating? What is an achievement gap that needs to be worked on/closed? How can we measure this? How can our Design Plan be simplified (then better communicated and made “alive” amongst our staff)? Whom else do I need to include in processing these (and other) questions related to Design Plan? One of the conversations I look forward to having with you next fall is around your School Design Plan. _____________________________________________________

As an FYI… I will not have access to my office next week (6/1 – 6/5), so please don’t call or leave a message on my office phone and then think I’m ignoring you for not calling back. Email, call, or text my phone to find me!


At this time, we are moving forward with position postings. You may request to post any positions you have in your 2.0 Staffing Plan starting next Monday, June 1 – by first emailing me what you anticipate posting. I will then approve these and reply to you and HR with the green light for you to send in the position posting(s). Please put a closing date of June 30 (knowing that this could be moved back to a later date, depending on what the Legislature decides to do in late June). If all goes well then you would be able to interview and hire beginning in July. This timeline and staffing plan could change based on Legislative action (or inaction), but we are hopeful it will not. ________________________________________________________

You may have recently heard that our school buildings/facilities will be open for summer programming starting June 15, as long as these groups/organizations follow ODE guidance, including social distancing. Boys and Girls Club and Park and Rec., in addition to our own athletic programs, will be the likely users of our facilities during this time. _________________________________________________________

The ELL Dept is partnering with Migrant Education to provide summer school for emergent bilingual students.  We have additional (limited) space in the program for ELL students who do not otherwise qualify for migrant ed services.  We are prioritizing students who:

  • Are credit-deficient and at risk of not graduating by Aug (seniors)
  • Are earning “incompletes” this spring in math or language arts (9th-11th)
  • Have a history of significant learning struggles, or are in the process of team problem-solving
  • Are K-2 students (early learning)
  • Have not made progress on language proficiency assessments (long-term ELLs)
  • Have parents/family who are unable to support academics at home

ELL/Language Specialists are working with buildings to identify and refer potential candidates.  For more information or to include this referral process in your end-of-year MTSS/RtI conversations, reach out to your specialist!


We’ll be meeting in my personal room as a MS Horizontal next Thursday at 2:00.

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