At our MS Horizontal meeting yesterday you heard Skip talk about a letter for teachers regarding Canvas (background, how we got to where we are, training/PD/support moving forward). Here is that letter. Please share this with your teaching staff.


You may have likely already read this article, but wanted to pass it along in case you haven’t. This is posted on the OSBA website and give some insight into what the state is thinking as they make decisions regarding the start of school in the fall. While providing some answers, please don’t miss this quote: ODE “would release its guidance for fall next week and plans to update its guidance every two weeks this summer and into the fall.” We live in interesting times… __________________________________________________________

Here is some information that you might consider passing along to your teachers. It is a local resource that has created educational videos that may be useful to science, music, art, and ELA teachers and can be adaptable for students of all ages. Following is information that was shared with me:

The Upper Deschutes Watershed Council coordinates The Upstream Project, a hands-on education program that seeks to connect youth to the natural world. Through outdoor activities in science, art, writing, and music, The Upstream Project works with k-12 students to help them learn about the rivers and streams throughout Central Oregon. Our goal is to help students develop a sense of place for our home watersheds.
Our activities are all listed on our education page. Here is the link to The Virtual Upstream Project on our website:  https://www.upperdeschuteswatershedcouncil.org/the-virtual-upstream-project/ ___________________________________________________________


We have a Leadership meeting on Monday, starting at 2:30. NOTE THE EARLIER START TIME. __________________________________________________________

We have our next (and last) MS Horizontal meeting is Thursday, June 18, at 2:00. HR will be presenting a process for how to remotely hire. __________________________________________________________

The regional Culture of Care Coaches are hosting a 2-day training with  Jim Sporleder (Paper Tigers) on August 20-21.

  • Day 1 is designed for a broad overview message about restorative justice and creating a culture of care.  This is open to anyone.
  • Day 2 is designed for building administrators and leadership teams to go deeper.

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