February 7, 2020


Principals, thank you for the time today to meet and discuss how we can best support our students struggling with mental health challenges. The intervention you heard about utilized the DBT model of therapy. Here is a quick overview of DBT, if you are interested… read these few short paragraphs. For those of you who want to dig deeper learn more here.

Here is the presentation from this morning’s meeting and the link to research on BRYT from the Brookline Center for Community Mental Health.

Every high school is in great shape with CPR/First Aid training requirements as of Feb 2020! Check it out!

The Adult Programming team at the Deschutes Public Library is hosting a free program that will cover the inclusion of tribal history in Oregon schools.  The event will be held at the East Bend Library on Saturday, March 14th at 3:00 p.m.   Here is the link for the event.

Christie shared an interesting article about leveling libraries and the research advising against it. Currently, none of our high schools level their libraries. Your Librarians had passionate responses to my question of whether they level libraries. In lieu of coffee one morning, ask them that question.

Dr. Dave continues to provide interesting reading questioning the “college for all” mantra, this article from The Atlantic “The World may be Better Off Without College For Everyone”. and from The New York Times “Who Gets to Graduate” and “College May Not Be Worth it Anymore.” How does this information bode with the fact that students will need higher-level skills and knowledge to be Future Ready as they enter a global economy? How do we program and plan to meet that need?


Feb 14, 7:00 am HS Principals – Original Pancake House (1025 SW Donovan Ave – off of Colorado)

Feb 18 (Tuesday), 7:00 am HS Administrators – BSHS

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