February 14, 2020

To Do:

Our next HS Administrators Meeting is this Tuesday, Feb 18, at 7:00 in the BSHS Library. One of our agenda items is to discuss the Excellence and Equity Report summarizing the community listening sessions completed in the fall. Be sure to bring your laptop so you can access the report and other related resources! Also, we will discuss chapters 10-12 of The Culture Code.


Sean and I met with the HS Principal team last week to share what we learned about BRYT during our visit to Boston in early February. This article about BRYT was published last week and gives a quick overview of the intervention and design as well as the students it is intended to serve. This intervention has been implemented in over 140 high schools in the northeast. We continue to talk about the number of students who need a higher level of mental health support than we (schools) are structured to support. Our opportunity is NOW to put a proactive system in place to serve these students. We have already started some of this work in our schools and have some of the key staff in place. Help designing a high school system, as well as professional development that builds staff and student skills and coaches our teams to do this important work will help us to serve our students more effectively. Let’s move away from reacting and towards a more thoughtful system design that ensures our students are poised for success! We can do better and our students deserve the best we can offer!

Did you know we have a district program to GROW OUR OWN teachers? The information about this PROGRAM was sent to classified staff recently. If you are aware of a teacher who may be interested in pursuing a hard to fill position such as counseling or specialist position, and they need to add a new endorsement, please encourage them to attend the INFORMATION SESSION on Feb 25.

Just a reminder, principals, to approve guest speakers prior to them speaking in your schools. Here are the policy and practices needed to approve guest speakers.

Dean recently highlighted for me this quick summary from Kim Marshall about what we know about best practices. I found this quote to be one of the most compelling to me, “K-12 students are more accurate about their teachers than principals using traditional evaluations, which is not surprising when we consider that students are sitting in the classrooms every day” As building leaders, how are you providing time to listen to what students are saying is working and not working?

Please review and distribute this information about a STEM opportunity for our students.

Your school’s Child and Youth Resilience Survey  (CYRM) administration day coming soon. Please note that there are two important actions for you to do:

  1. Choose your date
  2. Send parent notification at least 1 week prior to administering the survey. 

Everything you need can be found in the link below.  Please contact Sean if you have any questions.



Feb 18 (Tuesday) – 7:00 am HS Administrators – BSHS

Feb 18 – Choice Option HS Deadline

March 2 – ACR Submission Deadline

Week of March 2 – Principals process ACR’s for 20-21

March 6 – 3:15 HS Administrators Meeting

March 13 – Staffing allocations sent to principals

March 18 – Postings sent to HR, after approved by Legace

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