February 21, 2020

To D0:

This week, I met with principals to review your staffing allocations and HSS funding for next year. Please begin thinking about and designing how your plan will look for next year. The enrollment projections will go out from Brad on March 13, and, after I have approved your staffing plan, you can begin sending your postings to HR the following week.

Also, be thinking about how you will allocate STAFF for the MH intervention we will implement next year. Be ready to identify those key people we will support with training and coaching over the next few years.

Please register 1-3 of your teachers who are responsible for the Essential Skills Writing diploma requirement for this 1/2 day of WRITING TRAINING at the HDESD next week, Feb 27.


Bekki Tucker, our fabulous CTE Coordinator at BSHS has organized a CTE collaboration event during our next District SIW on March 11. This event is open to ALL CTE HS and interested MS teachers in our district. Here is a FLIER about the event and a special message from Bekki: Wednesday, March 11 CTE District SIW @ Bend High Tech Building. We will have light refreshments. This will be a great hour and a half building relationships with our industry partners and hopefully walking away with an awesome hands-on project that our industry partners can support you with. Our industry partners are eager to be in your classrooms in a variety of ways, some are more available than others. Maybe they can bring a fresh perspective, maybe they can volunteer 2-3 times during the project to be in class with you and students and maybe they can help with materials. Be prepared with a potential upcoming project or an idea for a project or unit coming up this Spring. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] If you have industry contacts you would like me to reach out to and specifically invite, let me know. I have invited several industry partners already, but more leads are appreciated. 


Reflections about Leadership Equity moves: In our role as building leaders, the messages we send to staff about the importance of instruction and culturally relevant practices are essential to moving our teams forward in our work with students. I asked Chris Boyd if I could share what he is working as he prepares to hire his first staff members at the new HS: Currently, I am in the process of organizing information to share with the future ICCL/Design Team at the new high school in regards to the building blocks for future school culture.  And, I have been digging into Zaretta Hammond’s CRT & the Brain.  HERE is a talk she gave a year or so ago about Culturally Responsive Teaching that I thought you would enjoy.  
While it is critical that we understand implicit bias and develop ways to interrupt racism in our schools, we also need to be having more conversations about instruction and how approaches to teaching and learning serve to perpetuate learning and achievement gaps from an early age.   This could be the best 20-minutes of your day.


More cool tools from Kinsey: You recently received an iPad for your front office.  These are ELL/Language Department tools that we are providing your building, to support multilingual communication between staff, families, and students.  
We know tech can be an awkward way to connect with families.  But, hey it’s something!  Even if you have Spanish-speaking staff in the front office (most of us don’t…yet), this tool can help us connect with families who speak the other 30+ languages in our district.  
The app Google Translate is available on that iPad (see below for a summary of the features offered in the app).
Other communication tools will also be available on this iPad.  We will provide some support workshops for your front-office team to get familiar with these tools–more details in the next ELL/Language Dept newsletter.  
For now, just a heads-up that the iPad is heading your way.  Please find a safe and accessible space in your front office for it to live permanently (maybe near your interpreter posters?), especially if it will travel between Counseling/Attendance/etc.  We encourage you to play with Google Translate, too–check out this demo of just one of its many features!

Google Translate features:

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++CWe need help: We are looking for someone either in our district or in the community who might want to host the Chinese exchange teacher currently working at BSHS.  He (William) is currently staying with the Marklands.  The host family would get a $200 stipend per month to help with food costs.  We can also provide a bus ticket for his transportation – they do not need to provide him with a car or transport him each day unless it works for them to do so.

If you know of someone, please have them get in touch with Louise who coordinates our Chinese Exchange program– her e-mail address is [email protected]

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Discipline Data Reporting: Please note the changes that have been made to the school Office Referral Form. We’ve added a “Vaping” violation, as well as added “marijuana” under Drugs. These changes were made in an effort to collect better data connected to these two violations. If you do not know the substance, please mark other substance. An updated Office Referral Form can be found on the Portal now, and Synergy will be updated on Monday to reflect these changes.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A special reminder from Scott and Julianne: Thank you for helping us to minimize visitor/volunteer management inconsistencies between schools. Scott and I really need your help to ensure that this policy is followed with integrity and consistency. Not only do we fall into possible profiling when we do not follow our policies consistency, but we also find ourselves set up for legal issues. Thank you for reaching out if you have questions or need help!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Heads up about a growing trend that could result in unsafe situations for our students. Thank you to Jimmy Krauger, SRO at Summit HS, for bringing this to our attention: The Skull Breaker Challenge is a practice picking up on social media. The practice can lead to brain damage and even death. Please review these articles and share the information with your school teams: New York Post Article, Inside Edition Report and Fox News.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Deschutes County Mental Health has scheduled a two day ASSIST Training on April 30 and May 1. Access the link to register teams from your school.


CFEE for ME! I am involved in the CFEE (Coaching for Educator Equity) training Monday-Friday next week. My understanding is our time is devoted night and day to this process so expect that my availability will be limited. Please contact Jim or Jay in an emergency.

Feb 24 – MAC Survey – Please work with your FAN advocate to communicate this with your staff.

March 2 PURSUIT at the Riverhouse – ALL sophomores attend!

March 2 – ACR Submission Deadline

March 37:30 @ BSHS – BSHS, MVHS and SHS Principals process ACR’s for 20-21.

March 6 – HS Administrators Meeting CANCELLED – MOVED TO MARCH 13

March 13 – HS Administrators Meeting – Be Ready to Share DRAFT of your Building MTSS plan. Be sure to include the Academic, SEL and Behavior Tier I, II and III interventions. Here is the MTSS DRAFT that our district team (Dean, Kay-Ann, Jenn and KT) developed – as an example.

March 13 – Staffing allocations sent to principals

Week of March 16 – Staffing Plans approved by Legace, postings sent to HR

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